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Tags: contact form 7, mailchimp, chimpmail, mailchimp list, newsletter, chimpmatic
Requires at least: 4.9
Tested up to: 5.3.9
Stable tag: 5.3.1
License: GPLv2 or later
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MailChimp for Wordpress. Simple way to integrate MailChimp mailing lists to Contact Form 7. Save your subscribers in a proper mailing list.

== Description ==

Wordpress Extension For Mailchimp. Integrate Contact Form 7 with [Mailchimp]( Automatically add form submissions to predetermined lists in Mailchimp, using Mailchimp's latest API. This Extension for Mailchimp supports multiple mailing lists and API Keys.

> Extension For Mailchimp Support

> Active support is not always provided for the Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension on the forums. One-on-one email support is available to people who email the Mailchimp Extension developer.
> Bug Reports

> Bug reports for the Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension are welcome in the Wordpress developers website.

= Key Features =

* Easy to use
* Use a different API key per contact form
* Use a different mailing list per contact form
* Single opt-in - no confirmation email send to subscribers
* Double opt-in - confirmation email send to subscribers
* [Opt-in checkbox]( - add the chance to opt-in/opt-out
* Support for [many custom fields](
* Latest Mailchimp API V3
* Constantly updated

= Premium Features =

* [Support for groups](
* [Support for categories](
* [Support for tags](
* [Support for language](
* [Support for text/html](
* [Support for segments](
* [Support for interests](

= Requirements =

1. Contact Form 7
2. Mailchimp account

= Leave a Comment or a Review =

If this plugin is useful to you, please leave a review here: [Extension Review Page]( Or contact the [Web Developer]( here.

== Installation ==

1. Upload the entire '[contact-form-7-mail-chimp-extension](' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
3. Once the plugin is active, you will see a new 'tab' inside Contact Form 7 admin interface.

You will find '[Mailchimp: Subscriber List Details](' menu in your Contact Form 7 editor.

For basic usage, you can also have a look at the [Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension homepage](, you can also have a look at the [Contact Form 7 homepage](

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Do you have questions or issues with Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension? Use these support channels appropriately.

1. [Basic setup - Mailchimp Extension 101](
2. [Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension Docs](
3. [Contact Form 7 Mailchimp](
4. [Mailchimp API Key](
4. [Mailchimp Tags or Labels](
5. [Mailchimp List ID](
6. [Mailchimp Opt-in Checkbox](
7. [Chimpmail](
8. [Mailchimp Form](
9. [Aweber vs Mailchimp](
10. [Mailchimp Contact Form](
11. [Mailchimp Custom fields](

== Changelog ==

For more information, see [Releases](

= 0.5.10 =

* Fix debugger memory usage

= 0.5.07 =

* Improved debugger.

= 0.5.03 =

* Modified Double Opt-in behavior.

= 0.5 =

* Ajax added to fetch your mailing lists from

= 0.4.2 =

* Hotfix to work with the new CF7 editor panels

= 0.4.0 =

* Help updated

= 0.1.2 =

* Release version

== Screenshots ==

1. mailchimp-contact-form-screenshot-1.png
2. mailchimp-contact-form-screenshot-2.png

Contact Form 7 Extension For Mailchimp Plugin
Price: FREE

Wordpress Extension For Mailchimp.

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