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Requires at least: 4.5
Tested up to: 4.9.9
Requires PHP: 5.6
Stable tag: 2.7.2
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

## Description ##

The plugin will be handy for those who need to manage a lot of media files.

### Media Taxonomies ###

#### Categories and Tags for media items ####

**Various media categories.** With the plugin installed you immediately obtain Media Categories for categorizing and filtering media items in WordPress admin. This feature alone will save you hours of searching through a media library with even as few as 100 images.

Whether you have a lot of images that need to be organized into complex structures or simply dislike the name of the default taxonomy – Media Categories – you can create and (un)assign to the media library as many taxonomies as you wish without writing a single line of code.

You can also assign to the media library built-in WordPress taxonomies – Categories and Tags – as well as any other taxonomy created by third-party plugin, theme, or hand-coded – with only plugin's UI.

**For both new and existing media items.** Categorize both new and existing media items. You can assign a category to a media item during the upload process, in the media library (preferably in the Grid Mode), in post/page editor media popup ("Add Media" button). If you need to manage a lot of media items at once, there is the PRO version of the plugin that allows to do it in bulk.

**Filter media items in WP admin.** Every media library screen is enhanced with the plugin's filters to search and sort your media files. With flexible plugin's options you can adjust what filters you will see in Grid and List modes of the media library and in post/page editor media popups, and what taxonomies you would like to edit when inserting media to posts/pages. The plugin works with custom post types as well. The options can also help you to force plugin's filters for third-party plugins or themes, manage media taxonomies archive pages, etc.

**Order options.** With two options "Order media items by" (Date, Title, and Custom Order) and "Sort order" (Ascending and Descending) you can control media items order for all screens of the media library in WP admin. "Custom Order" allows to re-order media items within a category with drag and drop. This order will be used, in particular, for the gallery based on this category. "Natural sort order" option available for "Title" sort order will apply the human-friendly sort order to Media Library and Galleries. See `Settings > Media > Media Library`.

### Filter-Based Shortcodes ###

#### Image Gallery and Audio / Video Playlist ####

**Fully compatible with WordPress native shortcodes.** Media items categorizing can be useful for the front-end as well. To insert media galleries or audio / video playlists based on media categories you have to use the familiar format like `[gallery media_category="5" category="2" limit="10" monthnum="12" year="2015" orderby="title" order="DESC"]` or `[playlist media_category="5" category="2" limit="10" monthnum="12" year="2015" orderby="title" order="DESC"]`. The PRO version of the plugin allows to manage gallery or playlist shortcode without "coding" at all. Just choose the settings with the plugin's UI in the familiar edit popup and see your gallery / playlis live immediately in the post/page editor.

To turn on the feature set "Enhanced media shortcodes" option on `Settings > Media > Media Library > Media Shortcodes`. Please be advised that conflicts with other gallery plugins or themes are possible. Check your front-end and back-end gallery / playlist functionality after activating the feature.

### MIME Types ###

#### Media File Types ####

Another feature of the plugin is the MIME Types control. You can add new MIME types, delete existing ones, and point what file types are allowed for uploading. Initially, the plugin shows up the WordPress default MIME Type settings and creates the backup of them. The column "Add Filter" allows to add a MIME Type to plugin's filters so that you will be able to filter your media items not only by categories but also by the file type. You can set any label you wish to see in a filter with columns "Singular Label" and "Plural Label".

### Export / Import Plugin Settings ###

If you need to move your media library to another website you should export and import WordPress content with WordPress built-in export/import. But to make the Enhanced Media Library work on the new site with the same settings you are provided with the export/import feature.

### Multisite compatible ###

Network activate the plugin and choose which options will be available to your admins. In the PRO version, the license key should be activated once for the whole network.

### Easy to Use and WordPress Native Look and Feel ###

We spend hours to make plugins features work as though they were native WordPress functionality. If you are a developer and looking for a solution totally compatible with WordPress core and, at the same point, really easy to deal with for your non-geeky customers, give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

### Support ###

Support is free for both versions of the plugin. "PRO"-users do not have priority. We do out best to respond in 24 hours if not sooner.

### Available Languages ###

You can see the list of available translations and their progress on [wpUXsolutions.com](https://www.wpuxsolutions.com/l10n/projects/enhanced-media-library). Many thanks to all involved!

Assistance with translating is highly appreciated! If you'd like to be a translation editor or to suggest translations for your language please feel free to contribute to translation. All changes made are included to every new release of the plugin.

### Compatible with the Plugins: ###

* [Advanced Custom Fields](https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/)
* [WooCommerce](https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/)
* [Anything Order by Terms](https://wordpress.org/plugins/anything-order-by-terms/)
* [Search & Filter](https://wordpress.org/plugins/search-filter/)
* [Document Gallery](https://wordpress.org/plugins/document-gallery/)
* [Jetpack Carousel](https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/)
* [Jetpack Tiled Galleries](https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetpack/)
* [Simple Lightbox](https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-lightbox/)
* [Justified Gallery](https://wordpress.org/plugins/justified-gallery/)
* [Meow Gallery](https://wordpress.org/plugins/meow-gallery/)
* [Meow Lightbox](https://wordpress.org/plugins/meow-lightbox/)
* [Slick Slider](https://wordpress.org/plugins/slick-slider/)
* [MetaSlider](https://wordpress.org/plugins/ml-slider/)
* [Responsive Lightbox & Gallery](https://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-lightbox/)
* [Compress JPEG & PNG Images](https://wordpress.org/plugins/tiny-compress-images/) (TinyPNG)

Please let us know if you find any issue with the plugins from the list above or others.

### Incompatibility ###

Please notice that you use Enhanced Media Library with other plugins which add media categories, media folders, or manage MIME Types at your own risk. We cannot guarantee their compatibility because of the different approach to the same functionality. We do not recommend using other media library (folder) plugin at the same time with Enhanced Media Library. Please choose the one you prefer.

### Enhanced Media Library PRO ###

Additional comfort and even more convenient way to organize WordPress media library:

* Categorize media items in bulk
* Assign media items to parent post categories automatically
* Enhance `[gallery]` and `[playlist]` shortcodes with just WordPress UI, no "coding"
* Search media items by category name in Media Library
* Customize default search according to your needs: include or exclude Titles, Captions, Descriptions, Authors, Media Taxonomies

[More on wpUXsolutions.com](https://www.wpuxsolutions.com/documents/enhanced-media-library/where-to-start#section2)

### Useful Links ###

* [Where to Start?](https://wpuxsolutions.com/documents/enhanced-media-library/where-to-start)
* [Documentation](https://www.wpuxsolutions.com/documents/enhanced-media-library) (Is being updated after v2.6 and v2.7 changes)
* [FAQs](https://www.wpuxsolutions.com/documents/enhanced-media-library/faqs)
* [Contribute to Translation](https://www.wpuxsolutions.com/l10n/projects/enhanced-media-library)
* [Enhanced Media Shortcode Possible Conflicts](https://www.wpuxsolutions.com/documents/enhanced-media-library/enhanced-media-shortcode-possible-conflicts)

## Installation ##

1. Upload plugin folder to '/wp-content/plugins/' directory

2. Activate the plugin through `Plugins` menu in WordPress admin

3. Adjust plugin's settings on `Settings > Media`

4. Enjoy Enhanced Media Library!

## Frequently Asked Questions ==

> [FAQs](https://www.wpuxsolutions.com/documents/enhanced-media-library/faqs/) | [Documentation](https://www.wpuxsolutions.com/documents/enhanced-media-library/)

## Screenshots ##

1. Plugin Settings: WordPress General Media Settings

2. Plugin Settings: Media Items Order & Enhanced Media Shortcodes

3. Plugin Settings: Media Taxonomies & Filters

4. Plugin Settings: MIME Types settings

5. Plugin Settings: Export, Import, Restore, Cleanup

6. Media Taxonomies are just usual WordPress taxonomies

7. Media categories and tags in Nav Menu

8. Media Library Grid Mode

9. Media Library List Mode

10. Editing individual image / media items

11. Filter-based image gallery

## Changelog ##

### 2.7.2 ###
*Release Date - September 13, 2018*

= Improvements =
* Compatibility with Smush (WP SmushIt) plugin ensured

### 2.7.1 ###
*Release Date - September 11, 2018*
*v2.7 bugfixes*

= Bugfixes =
* `[playlist]` broken shortcode bug fixed
* "Image not uploading", "Can't add featured image", "Media library right sidebar gone" and possibly some other situations common bug fixed.
* PRO only: hidden filters bug fixed
* A few minor bug fixed, some minor code improvements made

### 2.7 ###
*Release Date - September 10, 2018*

= New =
* Better workflow for saving categories in both single item and bulk edit: everything is being saved on the fly by default (Save Changes button is now optional)
* Better layout for the Media Library
* `[gallery]` and `[playlist]` shortcodes now understand media category slugs, not only IDs
* Multisite "Unify Media Settings over Network" option added

= Improvements =
* Taxonomy fields are now always at the end of other fields in Attachment Details
* Admin Menu Editor compatibility added

= Bugfixes =
* Multisite performance issue fixed
* Admin titles for plugin settings pages fixed
* Natural sort order bug - not showing media items with the same titles - fixed
* `data[caption_type]` not found bug fixed

### 2.6.4 ###
*Release Date - May 23, 2018*
*Addresses various issues of all previous 2.6.x versions*

= Bugfixes =
* Various multisite bugs fixed, including the user deletion bug
* A bug causing memory leak on websites with thousands of users fixed
* A few bugs causing admin crash in PHP less than 5.5 fixed
* PRO only: a few update issues fixed including persistent update message bug

= Improvements =
* Elementor CSS-compatibility added (a temporary solution, we are still working on the full compatibility)

### 2.6 ###
*Release Date - May 18, 2018*

= New =
* Filter by authors added
* "Filters to show" option added: show/hide filters by File Type Date, Author, Media Taxonomies
* "Include children" option added: include (or not) media items of child media categories when filtering
* PRO only: Search options added: what to (or not to) include to the default search: Titles, Captions, Descriptions, Authors, Media Taxonomies
* "Show caption" option added for the Grid Mode
* Full multisite support added (documentation is coming)

= Improvements =
* Natural sort order for galleries and archive pages ensured
* Plugin's menu improved
* Plugin options are re-grouped to be more consistent
* PRO only: Updating mechanism improved
* Media taxonomies creation mechanism revised to allow non ASCII characters like Chinese in taxonomy names
* Taxonomy archive pages disabled by default since this version (for new installations)
* A lot of small security improvements

= Bugfixes =
* Custom order for a taxonomy archive page fixed
* Position of WordPress core messages in the Grid Mode fixed
* A lot of small bug fixed

### 2.5.1 (PRO only) ###
* A bug causing "Test Error" on searching for update fixed

### 2.5 ###
*Release Date - February 5, 2018*

= Improvements =
* Natural sort order added to the media library (Settings > Media > Media Library tab)
* "Force filters" for third-parties is now set by default for new installations
* Update mechanism is significantly improved (PRO only)

= Bugfixes =
* A few minor bugs fixed

= Compatibility =
* WordPress 4.9 compatibility ensured

### 2.4.5 ###
*Release Date - June 8, 2017*

= Compatibility =
* WordPress 4.8 compatibility ensured

= Bugfixes =
* Media library grid view layout fixed (a bug since WP 4.7.4)

### 2.4.4 ###
*Release Date - February 16, 2017*

= Bugfixes =
* Update mechanism improved to avoid issue on some installations (PRO only)
* The issue causing an error when editing in bulk (in some cases) is fixed (PRO only)
* Minor bugs fixed

### 2.4.3 ###
*Release Date - January 28, 2017*

= Improvements =
* Admin notifications behavior in media library Grid Mode improved
* Minor bugs fixed

### 2.4.2 ###
*Release Date - January 19, 2017*

= Bugfixes =
* Wrong subcategories indent fixed
* Admin notifications can now be clicked in media library grid mode
* Active license key information is now displayed correctly, fixed a bug of versions 2.4 and 2.4.1 (PRO only)
* JS code improved to avoid incompatibility with other plugins - [Support Ticket](https://wordpress.org/support/topic/conflict-with-shortcode-ui-plugin/)

= Improvements =
* Notification added when the plugin cannot receive update information from our server (PRO only)

### 2.4.1 ###
*Release Date - January 16, 2017*

= Bugfixes =
* A bug with saving taxonomy terms from post editor media popup fixed - [Support Ticket](https://wordpress.org/support/topic/category-filter-not-media-category-filter-stopped-working-again/)

### 2.4 ###
*Release Date - January 13, 2017*

= Improvements =
* Better layout and workflow for the grid mode
* RTL stylesheets added

### 2.3.6 ###
*Release Date - December 16, 2016*

= Improvements =
* Better admin CSS
* Inline uploader restored in media library Grid Mode (PRO only)
* Bulk edit action added with new WP 4.7 hook (PRO only)
* Media Settings admin page improved to be more compatible with third-party plugins extending it as well

### 2.3.5 ###
*Release Date - November 29, 2016*

= Improvements =
* Better grid mode layout, including small mobile screens (PRO only)

= Compatibility =
* WordPress 4.7 compatibility ensured
* Compatibility with 'Compress JPEG & PNG images' ensured

= Bugfixes =
* Few minor bugs fixed

### 2.3.4 ###
*Release Date - November 19, 2016*

= Bugfixes =
* A bug of v2.3.2 and v2.3.3 with incorrect media filtering fixed

### 2.3.3 ###
*Release Date - November 13, 2016*

= Bugfixes =
* A bug of v2.3.2 causing issues to some third-party plugins and Customizer fixed

### 2.3.2 ###
*Release Date - November 11, 2016*

= Improvements =
* Tag names are being used instead of slugs for non-hierarchical taxonomies to assign to media items

= Bugfixes =
* The bug preventing taxonomy filters to switch correctly on upload fixed
* A few minor bugs fixed

= Compatibility =
* Compatibility with the Jetpack Slideshow added

### 2.3.1 ###
*Release Date - August 9, 2016*

= Bugfixes =
* MIME Type saving/restoring bug fixed: Settings > Media > MIME Types (tab)
* Few minor bugs fixed

= Compatibility =
* WordPress 4.6 compatibility ensured

### 2.3 ###
*Release Date - June 27, 2016*

= Improvements =
* All bulk operations are now dramatically (!) faster: save order, bulk assign terms (PRO only), bulk trash / restore / delete (PRO only). It actually takes seconds now to assign hundreds of media items in bulk
* Bulk Trash / Restore added (PRO only)
* "Show Count" option added to Media Taxonomies tab
* Term count is now being calculated correctly and separately for different post types when they share a taxonomy with media library
* Complete cleanup is now deleting all term relationships for non-media taxonomies assigned to media library

= Bugfixes =
* Typos and absent localizations fixed, spaces added to the text of filters
* Settings backup is not being performed if a user doesn't submit any file in the import operation (thanks Enrico for your contribution https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2506)
* Various minor bugs fixed

### 2.2.2 ###
*Release Date - April 30, 2016*

= Improvements =
* Many typos corrected
* Localization added for default taxonomy Media Categories and credits
* CSS for RTL improved
* Encoding for Japanese translation fixed
* Taxonomy queries (filtering) improved for List mode of the media library
* Count number added to filters for List and Grid modes
* Media Taxonomy tab: various CSS and JS improvements, minor bugs fixed
* Media taxonomy 'year' is now being renamed to 'media_year' automatically on creation to avoid issues with WP queries
* Performance: enhanced media library loading time reduced for about 40%

### 2.2.1 ###
*Release Date - April 13, 2016*

= Improvements =
* Enhanced media library settings moved under Settings > Media
* Text domain changed to match the plugin slug
* Better CSS for media library grid mode, addressing some minor issues as well

= Compatibility =
* WordPress 4.5 compatibility ensured

### 2.2 ###
*Release Date - March 19, 2016*

= New =
* Option "Auto-assign media items to parent post categories on upload" added per non-media taxonomy [PRO only]
* Options and database cleanup added

= Improvements =
* Few security improvements
* Few CSS, UI and behavior improvements
* Slight performance improvement

= Bugfixes =
* A bug with non-saved drag and drop order in media library fixed
* A bug with "Reset All Filters" button fixed
* Custom order works now correctly on upload

### Previous releases... ###

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