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Requires at least: 3.8
Tested up to: 5.2.2
License: GPL 2.0
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Free WooCommerce Product Table View - Woo Table Pro is the plugin you need to ist your WooCommerce products in a table. With many fields available, you can create a flexible product table in just a few minutes.

== Description ==
Quickly create your WooCommerce product table by using the drag and drop product table builder. Add filters, sorting your products to have better view.

# Why Would You Use Woo Table Pro - The Free WooCommerce Product Table Plugin
* Display WooCommerce product table with shortcodes: This feature is super flexible. You can display the table anywhere you want on your site
* Unlimited WooCommerce product table view: There is no limit on how many tables you can display. Even in free version, you still have no limit.
* The easiest to use WooCommerce product table plugin: I came from non-tech background so I understand how important user-friendly feature is. You can drag, drop, reposition of columns with Woo Table Pro

# WooCommerce Product Table Free Plugin Features

## Drag and drop fields builder for the table
You can select the fields you want to display on the table by drag them to the builder. You can also sort them to change the order of display

## Display the filter on product price, name, and rating
Includes custom widgets to filter by attribute, price, or rating. Or add search filters above the table to filter by name, tag, price, star....

## Real time filtering on product table
Without using ajax request, WooTablePro is proud to be the fastest WooComerce product table plugin to filter and sort the products based on your requests

## Display image lightbox on product image click
With WooTablePro - Free Product Table Plugin For WooCommerce, your visitors can click on the product image to view high quality image of that product in a lightbox.

## Add product to cart with ajax and loading button
Add to cart is no longer a boring button, with WooTablePro product table plugin, you will have fully functional ajax buttons that response to every events of the buying request.

## Fully support product variations
If your products have variations, WooTablePro - Free WooCommerce Product Table displays all of the available variations so your visitors can start purchasing their favorite products from your store.

## Word-class support
With 5 years developing for WordPress, we believe that our expertise will be useful to you. No matter what kind of problem you need help with, we are here to assist.

## Support all kinds of products
* Simple products (products without variations)
* Variable products (products with variation. You can see the variation select box appears on the table)
* Group products

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== Installation ==
* Upload the extracted folder of the plugin to `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
* Activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard

== Changelog ==
1.0 Upload first version of WooCommerce Product Table - WooTablePro

1.1 Add lightbox to image in product table

Free Woocommerce Product Table View Woo Table Pro Plugin
Price: FREE

Quickly create your WooCommerce product table by using the drag and drop product table builder.

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