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Plugin Name: Hummingbird – Speed Optimize, Cache, Minify & Defer Critical CSS/Javascript
Version: 2.4.1
Author: WPMU DEV
Author URI:
Contributors: WPMUDEV
Tags: defer css javascript, critical css, minify css, minify javascript, cache, speed up wordpress, wordpress speed optimization, page speed, wordpress cache plugin, wordpress performance optimization, lazy loa
Requires at least: 4.6
Tested up to: 5.3.2
Requires PHP: 5.6
Stable tag: 2.4.1
License: GPLv2
License URI:

Make your site load blazingly fast with cache, minify CSS and Javascript, defer critical .CSS and .JS, Smush lazy load integration and much more.

== Description ==

**Hummingbird makes your website faster by adding new ways to boost Google PageSpeed Insights with fine-tuned controls over file compression, deferring CSS and Javascript styles and scripts, minify for .CSS and .JS, Lazy Load integration and world-class caching.**

Hummingbird is brought to you by the WordPress speed specialists that created [Smush]( image optimization now active on more than +1 million websites. Get the complete speed boost with Hummingbird and Smush.

### If PageSpeed Insights is making these speed recommendations Hummingbird can help:

- Enable text compression - Use gzip to make your site fly
- Preconnect to required origins - Use Hummingbird to establish earlier connections
- Preload key requests - Prioritize resources based on order
- Avoids enormous network payloads - Consider Lazy Load for comments or breaking up smaller posts
- Uses efficient cache - The Hummingbird Cache suite offers effective browser cache
- Fix your JavaScript execution time - Deliver smaller JS payloads
- Minify CSS - Strip unused code from your .CSS style sheets
- Minify JavaScript - Speed up the time it takes to parse your JS files
- Eliminate render-blocking resources - Move critical CSS and JS inline and defer all non-critical JS/styles
- Defer unused CSS - Defer the loading of CSS not used for above-the-fold content
- Lazy Load offscreen images ([Smush free]( integration)

Hummingbird scans your site and provides one-click fixes to speed up WordPress in a flash.

You’ll get faster loading pages, higher search rankings and PageSpeed scores, and happier visitors with Hummingbird’s WordPress speed optimization.

### Features Available in Hummingbird Include:

- Scan and Fix – Get a scan of your site, find out what’s slowing it down, and use one-click performance improvements to make critical speed improvements
- World-class caching – A full caching suite to load pages faster with full-page, Gravatar and browser cache tools
- Performance Reports – Pro tips for running your site at super speed
- Asset Optimization – Position, minify and combine Javascript and CSS files for top performance
- Better Rankings – improve scores on Google PageSpeed Insights (SEO ranking factor), YSlow, Pingdom and GTmetrix
- Increase Your Conversion Rate - Don’t keep visitors waiting: faster sites convert better
- GZIP Compression – Blazing fast HTML, JavaScript, and stylesheet (CSS) transfer

= Hummingbird Features to Speed Up WordPress =

### Scan and One-Click Fix

Hummingbird is a WordPress speed optimization plugin. It will scan your site, find files that are slowing it down, and provide tips and fixes for making your site run at top speed.

Hummingbird even has one-click improvements like a full cache suite, one-click minify for styles and scripts and deferring CSS and JS for quickly optimizing performance. What could be easier!

### World-Class Caching

You’ll get a world-class caching suite, including full-page, browser, and Gravatar cache.

Make your site load even faster with Hummingbird’s complete set of cache tools that give your visitors a faster browsing experience. Including full-page, browser and Gravatar caching.

### Asset Optimization

Did you know that the more files you add to your site’s header, the slower it will load? With Hummingbird, you can easily customize the load position of your CSS, JavaScript (defer CSS and Javascript) and other files to increase your page speed.

Quickly reorder, compress and reposition files with Hummingbird’s minification feature. But play carefully – minification is a powerful tool (though if you need it, you can reset any changes you make in one click).

### Transfer Data at Top Speed With GZIP

Hummingbird has GZIP powers to make sharing your site more efficient.

Sending zipped files is faster and can save you money on hosting. And don’t worry about setup, send Hummingbird instructions with the click of a button and she’ll handle the rest.

### Built-in Cloudflare Integration

Hummingbird can be used to control your [Cloudflare]( browser cache settings as well! Simply add your Cloudflare API key and configure away.

### Fully Compatible With Smush Image Optimization

You can complement Hummingbird’s WordPress speed optimization features with our award-winning sister-plugin [Smush image optimization]( Smush compresses your images, giving your site less to load – and thus a faster load time. Hummingbird + Smush integrate perfectly together, and are the perfect match to speed up WordPress.

Compress, optimize (optimise), and fix PageSpeed performance with properly sized images, lazy load, next-gen WebP convert, image formatting and more.

= Faster Websites Rank Higher, Convert Better =

Every millisecond counts: your visitors expect an ever-faster website, with a page load time of under two seconds expected -- and the norm. If visitors *don’t* get that on your site, they *will* leave.

If you’re running a business website or eCommerce store, that means **if your website does not load quickly, you will lose sales.**

Hummingbird is here to help you: it’s a one of a kind WordPress performance optimization plugin that can make your site run at superspeed, for free!

You get our WordPress performance optimization suite, which includes minification and GZIP for small page sizes, full caching for faster loading, and integration with Cloudflare’s browser cache and our sister-plugin [Smush image optimization](

Hummingbird is built with ease-of-use in mind: it makes your WordPress site faster, but it’s also fast to set up. You can scan your site and implement recommended changes in one-click, getting a fast site in mere minutes.

All the above is free and will speed up WordPress for you. **If you need the very fastest WordPress site, [you should get WPMU DEV Membership](**

Our Membership gives you access to Hummingbird Pro – which features automated scanning, uptime monitoring, enhanced minify compression (with 2x the regular optimization), CDN hosted minification – alongside Smush Pro image optimization, all our premium WordPress plugins, and 24/7 WordPress support.

[It’s an incredible deal, and you can find out more here.](

However, if you’d like automated scanning, uptime monitoring, enhanced minify compression with up to 2x the regular optimization, CDN hosted minification and Smush Pro image optimization you can always take the next step with a [WPMU DEV Membership.](

= What do People say About Hummingbird? =

> “**Hummingbird is so easy to use**. I thought it wouldn't change my speed much because I already made improvements. I ran the scan, it gave me recommendations, I pushed a button to apply them and it made my site even faster!” - [Camilo](

> “Hummingbird is getting smarter with each update. Today it's become so good that it forced me to remove giant cache and optimization plugins like WP Super Cache and WP Sweep because now Hummingbird includes all those features – but in a more impressive way.” - [swagatam1975](

> “**Hummingbird took me from 32 to 84 on Google page speed** plus made my site 50% faster on GTmetrix!” - [Nicolas](

> “I just built a real bloated sack of crap of a WP site, and after configuring Hummingbird and letting it do its thing, the site is actually *fast* — much faster than it has any right to be...I’m impressed.” - [Cacarr](

= A Note From Hummingbird =
Hey! This is Hummingbird, your trusted solution to speed up WordPress. I’m part of the WPMU DEV team, a superhero-suite of WordPress plugins, services, and support. Here are some of our other free plugins:

- [Smush]( - Image Compression and Optimization
- [Forminator]( - Form, Quiz, Poll and Survey Builder
- [Hustle]( - Pop-ups, Slide-ins and Email Opt-ins

And if you need ALL our Pro plugins AND 24/7 WordPress support, get WPMU DEV membership! You can try it for free: [](

My superhero friends run the WPMU DEV Blog, your source for the very best WordPress tutorials. If you need to be in the know about WordPress, check it out.

Thanks for looking at Hummingbird, and I look forward to flying through your site to make it faster than ever.

*Enjoy, The Hummingbird*

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Do I need Hummingbird if I already have caching like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache? =

Yes! Of course, our cache suite is more than enough but if you already use WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache the special monitoring tools Hummingbird offers still make it worth it. To ensure compatibility only activate overlapping features in one of the plugins.

= Does Hummingbird work with Cloudflare? =

Yes! Hummingbird is built to take full advantage of Cloudflare features. Just plug in your API to get started.

= Does Hummingbird work with WooCommerce? =

Yes! Hummingbird works great with ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce and MarketPress. For best results, when configuring full-page cache, follow the WooCommerce recommended cache settings. Hummingbird will exclude the cart, my account and checkout pages to keep content dynamic.

= Why is my WordPress slow? =

There are plenty of factors involved in why you’d have WordPress slow. Hummingbird’s scanning and one-click fixes can work out why your site is slow, and with one click speed up WordPress for you. Easy peasy!

= What’s the difference between Hummingbird and Hummingbird Pro? =

The free Hummingbird plugin is a powerful suite of WordPress speed optimization features! You can deliver big improvements in your page speed in mere minutes using our one-click site can, and one-click implementation of recommended fixes. Some of the reviews above show you the results you can get.

Hummingbird Pro is available as part of WPMU DEV Membership, and adds automated scanning, uptime monitoring, enhanced minify compression (with 2x the regular optimization), and CDN hosted minification. This will make your site even faster.

Membership also gets you all our premium WordPress plugins, including Smush Pro, for the very best image optimization with image resizing, lazy load, and next-gen WebP convert, and 24/7 WordPress support. Hummingbird is a great free plugin, and Hummingbird Pro is even better. [You can find out more here.](

= Somebody help! I turned on Asset Optimization and it broke my site!? =

Asset Optimization is a great way to speed up your site but moving, combining, minify, and rearranging CSS and JavaScript (.JS) files can also mess with styling and break functionality. We recommend making incremental changes and testing your site as you go so you can undo the changes if something breaks. And remember, don’t panic. If something goes wrong you can start over with the click of a button :)

== Screenshots ==

1. Scan your site for optimization tips and tricks.
2. Use the complete suite of cache tools to speed up load times.
3. Asset Optimization lets you combine and reposition CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files.
4. Use suggestions to make improvements and speed up your site.

== Changelog ==

= 2.4.1 ( 2020-03-02 ) =
- Fix: Plugin copy updates

= 2.4.0 ( 2020-02-03 ) =
- New: Option to exclude assets from CDN
- New: Integration with Beaver Builder to clear asset optimization and page cache
- Enhance: Plugins page links
- Enhance: Page Cache error handling on the Hub
- Enhance: Move WooCommerce session cookie to default exclusion list
- Enhance: Compatibility with ReCaptcha v2 for Contact Form 7
- Enhance: Update browser cache expiry recommendations to 1 year
- Enhance: Update asset optimization CDN expiry to 1 year
- Fix: Do not preload cache on menu update/save
- Fix: Asset Optimization not properly parsing some assets from the footer
- Fix: Remove Take a Tour button from network admin Asset Optimization page
- Fix: Do not rewrite critical.css file on updates
- Fix: Fatal errors when logger class could not be found
- Fix: Gzip compression module links
- Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Filter
- Fix: 502 errors with Gravatar caching and pingbacks

= 2.3.0 ( 2020-01-07 ) =
- New: Uptime and performance report layout
- Enhance: Opcache support
- Enhance: Page Caching preloading
- Enhance: Accessibility in all modals
- Fix: Cloudflare integration
- Fix: Zend OPcache API is restricted warning
- Fix: Smush configure link on Hummingbird dashboard page in multisite
- Fix: Page Caching status on subsite dashboard pages
- Fix: Page Caching not excluding pages by full URL
- Fix: Page Caching purge when direct filesystem method is not available
- Fix: Page Caching not removing PHP die function from cached files
- Fix: Page Caching log link
- Fix: Performance test reports notice text
- Fix: Undefined index HTTP_REFERER notice
- Fix: Asset Optimization tour modal based on the selected mode

= 2.2.2 ( 2019-11-13 ) =
- Fix: Duplicate preloading of home page
- Fix: Front page preloader stuck in a loop on some hosts
- Fix: Cache preloader settings

= 2.2.1 ( 2019-11-11 ) =
- Fix: Remove full site auto preload to avoid high CPU usage

= 2.2.0 ( 2019-11-06 ) =
- New: Add translation settings
- New: Option to disable WooCommerce cart fragments scripts
- New: React based dashboard for Gzip compression module
- Enhance: Asset Optimization RTL support
- Enhance: Optimize Cloudflare checks
- Enhance: Performance report recommendations
- Fix: Asset Optimization reset settings will trigger a new scan
- Fix: Database module clearing out entries that are cached
- Fix: Page Caching errors when clearing log files
- Fix: Translation strings
- Fix: Database cleanup json syntax error

= 2.1.1 ( 2019-09-10 ) =
- Fix: PHP Fatal Error on outdated PHP versions

= 2.1.0 ( 2019-08-29 ) =
- New: Add/remove new recipients for Uptime notifications
- New: Serve compressed versions of cached files
- New: Allow excluding pages with specific cookies from caching
- New: Page Caching option to skip mobile devices
- New: Page Caching option to clear page cache on comment post
- New: Page Caching option to clear cache at set intervals
- New: Preload page caching
- New: SiteGround integration
- New: WP Engine integration
- New: OPcache integration
- New: Varnish integration
- New: Asset optimization tour
- Enhance: Asset optimization publish changes button layout
- Fix: Page Caching control on subsites
- Fix: Asset Optimization inlining only compressed assets
- Fix: Asset Optimization tooltips
- Fix: Performance scan not showing progress when started from quick setup
- Fix: PHP warning in Page Caching module when $wphb_fs was not initialized
- Fix: PHP warning in Page Caching when compression option was enabled

= 2.0.1 ( 2019-07-01 ) =
- New: Upgrade page
- Enhance: Show Smush meta box on dashboard in network installs
- Enhance: Allow activating Gravatar and Page caching modules from dashboard
- Enhance: Do not reschedule performance reports if no reports are enabled
- Enhance: Uninstall procedure
- Enhance: IE 11 compatibility
- Enhance: Uninstall procedures
- Enhance: Divi integration
- Enhance: WP Hide & Security Enhancer compatibility
- Enhance: Asset Optimization processing inline assets
- Fix: Warnings from Page Caching module during uninstall
- Fix: PHP notice when saving Performance report settings on main site in a network install
- Fix: Asset Optimization filters
- Fix: Asset Optimization PHP 5.4 incompatibility
- Fix: Asset Optimization tooltips
- Fix: Asset Optimization stripping slashes from local compressed files
- Fix: Hide scheduled database cleanup from subsites
- Fix: PHP warning when updating from Free to Pro
- Fix: wphb_page_cache_custom_terms filter in multisite
- Fix: Performance report audits classifications
- Fix: Undefined index HTTP_HOST notice
- Fix: Allow using / in user exclusion rules in Page Caching module

= ( 2019-05-03 ) =
- Fix: Frontend extra padding issue

= 2.0.0 ( 2019-04-30 ) =
- New: Performance reports API
- New: Performance reports module
- New: Option to keep plugin settings and/or data on uninstall
- New: Add wphb_page_cache_custom_terms filter to clear cache for custom terms (see plugin documentation for example usage)
- New: Integration with Cornerstone page builder
- New: Network admin Asset Optimization settings page
- New: Subsite dashboard page
- New: Customize performance email reports
- Enhance: Network admin dashboard layouts
- Enhance: Performance report modal and loader
- Enhance: Do not deactivate Cloudflare integration on plugin deactivation
- Enhance: Plugin UI and UX
- Enhance: Clear page cache when files from asset optimization module expire on CDN
- Enhance: Allow combining files on HTTP/2
- Fix: PHP warning when selecting a site from Cloudflare zone list
- Fix: PHP warning when disabling Cloudflare integration
- Fix: PHP warning in logger module
- Fix: Asset Optimization not decoding HTML entities when inlining CSS files
- Fix: Asset Optimization not loading inline mediaelement script
- Fix: Asset Optimization CDN not replacing relative paths on multisite mapped domains
- Fix: Asset Optimization filters
- Fix: Clear cache notice not dismissing on multisite
- Fix: Empty Page Caching settings page shown on subsites
- Fix: Issue saving user agents with spaces in Page Caching module
- Fix: Cache not cleared on plugins update (if auto clear enabled)
- Fix: Uptime not loading scripts when Branda text replacement rules are applied to Hummingbird
- Fix: Gravatar Caching not finding local cached files

= ( 2019-03-25 ) =
- Fix: Only cache valid http responses (skip 30x, 40x, 50x error codes)

= 1.9.4 ( 2019-03-19 ) =
- New: Gutenberg compatibility
- New: WP Hide & Security Enhancer compatibility
- New: Uptime notifications
- New: Scheduled Uptime reports
- New: Gzip compression module will now detect and warn about privacy mode
- Enhance: PHP 7.3 compatibility
- Enhance: UI/UX
- Enhance: Remove activation tooltip
- Enhance: Improve operations with advanced-cache.php file in Page Caching module
- Enhance: Remove sitemaps xml from Page Caching (on default settings)
- Enhance: WPMU DEV hosting integration with Asset Optimization
- Fix: Typos
- Fix: Asset Optimization reset button not working
- Fix: Asset Optimization settings clearing out on plugin deactivation
- Fix: PHP warning on first plugin activation (or after settings reset)
- Fix: Front page not caching
- Fix: Page caching not enabled/disabled from Hub
- Fix: Fatal error in class-hub-endpoints.php
- Fix: Inability to clear individual post cache in subdirectory WordPress installs

= 1.9.3 ( 2018-12-06 ) =
- New: Download and clear Asset Optimization logs on multisite
- New: Color accessibility option
- New: wphb_should_cache_request_pre action hook to exclude requests from caching
- New: White labeling option when used with Dashboard plugin
- Enhance: Remove activation redirect to plugin page, add pointer for new users
- Enhance: Do not cache pages with wp_woocommerce_session_* cookies
- Enhance: Do not redirect to plugin page after clearing cache
- Enhance: Compatibility with Hub actions
- Enhance: Do not recreate advanced-cache.php if already exists
- Enhance: WPMU DEV hosting integration with Asset Optimization
- Fix: Do not trigger new Asset Optimization scan in filters
- Fix: UI overlapping issues on Asset Optimization page
- Fix: Loader icons not showing progress in Database Optimization module
- Fix: Compatibility with Ultimate Branding
- Fix: Page caching not properly processing late init scripts
- Fix: PHP warnings in settings-hooks.php

= 1.9.2 ( 2018-08-15 ) =
- New: Asset Optimization ability to regenerate single files
- New: Auto clear out logs that are older than 30 days
- New: Action hooks: wphb_get_performance_report, wphb_clear_page_cache and wphb_delete_db_data
- New: REST API endpoints for gzip compression, browser caching and clearing caches
- New: GDPR policy text
- Enhance: Improve support for Bedrock installations
- Enhance: Improve tooltips on Asset Optimization page
- Enhance: Improve UI in Asset Optimization module
- Enhance: Log file control for Asset Optimization and Page Caching modules
- Fix: Errors in Asset Optimization module on WordPress versions 4.6 and lower
- Fix: Messages in Asset Optimization dashboard module in network admin
- Fix: PHP warnings after ignoring performance reports
- Fix: Incorrect stats calculations in Asset Optimization module, when there are assets bigger than 1 Mb in size
- Fix: Asset optimization scans getting stuck on some installs
- Fix: Compatibility with WordPress 4.6

= 1.9.1 ( 2018-06-19 ) =
- New: Icons for modules on Dashboard page
- New: Summary module meta box on caching pages
- New: Retain Asset Optimization settings on recheck of files
- Enhance: Optimize stylesheets and javascript code
- Enhance: Replace plugin menu icon font with inline SVG
- Enhance: Various UI/UX improvements
- Enhance: Compression savings calculations
- Enhance: Database cleanup module to use builtin WordPress functions to clean expired transients
- Enhance: Cloudflare meta box behavior
- Enhance: Handling of individual expiry settings in Browser Caching module
- Enhance: Better sync with the Hub
- Fix: Gzip compression not properly detected on some sites
- Fix: PHP warning during cron performance report
- Fix: PHP warning after clicking on configure link on the Dashboard Advanced Tools meta box
- Fix: RTL styles in CDN will now be processed correctly
- Fix: Asset Optimization module incorrectly showing 0% savings
- Fix: Asset Optimization module include/exclude toggle not enabling Publish Changes button
- Fix: Translation strings
- Fix: Clear cache button on admin tab not working properly on some installs

= 1.9.0 ( 2018-05-29 ) =
- New: Page caching dynamic page types
- New: Define the path where to store optimized assets
- New: Advanced Tools now available on multisite installs
- Fix: Asset optimization error during minify process
- Fix: Remove invalid link to configure browser caching in IIS 6
- Fix: Hide clear cache notice when setting file change detection to auto
- Fix: Incorrect link on the Gzip compression and Browser caching modules
- Fix: Performance report colors, icons and buttons
- Enhance: Asset Optimization UI
- Enhance: Asset Optimization re-check expiry button functionality
- Enhance: Asset Optimization handling of root-relative URLs when using CDN
- Enhance: Asset Optimization fonts moved to Other section in the file list
- Enhance: Asset Optimization size handling of compressed assets
- Enhance: Publish changes notice is now less invasive
- Enhance: Error handling in Cloudflare module
- Enhance: Optimize performance on Caching modules
- Enhance: Prefetch DNS values are empty by default, with the ability to auto paste in recommended defaults
- Enhance: Clear cache notices will not show on subsites in a multisite network
- Enhance: Hummingbird will no longer store user selected server type and always show detected server

= 1.8.2 ( 2018-04-24 ) =
- New: System Information module in Advanced Tools
- Enhance: Improve caching notices
- Enhance: Remove clear cache notice in Asset Optimizztion when re-checking files
- Enhance: Asset Optimization performance improvements
- Enhance: Asset Optimization log option in multisite moved to network settings
- Fix: Performance test previous score not updated
- Fix: Links in performance reports in multisite are not always redirecting to correct page
- Fix: PHP 5.2 compatibility
- Fix: Various UI fixes and improvements
- Fix: Browser caching changes not reflected when selecting LiteSpeed server
- Fix: Asset Optimization incorrect states for some files
- Fix: CDN option changing state during a new scan
- Fix: Remove wphb_minify_clear_files cron task when Asset Optimization module is not enabled
- Fix: Warnings during ignore performance report

= 1.8.1 ( 2018-04-11 ) =
- New: Option to auto clear cache on plugin/theme update
- New: Option to hide all notices
- New: Option to show clear cache button on the admin bar
- Enhance: Various performance improvements and tweaks
- Enhance: Removed duplicate queries
- Enhance: Optimize database writes/reads
- Enhance: Keep compression settings when switching from advanced to basic view in asset optimization
- Enhance: Javascript code optimization
- Enhance: Improve WP_CACHE detection to avoid PHP warnings on some configurations
- Enhance: Increased expiry time for files in asset optimization module
- Fix: Remove RSS feeds from page caching
- Fix: Empty exclusion rules in page cache settings were halting all page caching
- Fix: Publish changes button not working after bulk updates
- Fix: Page caching exclusion rules will now only escape the dot in the file extension (if present)
- Fix: Product page type not showing in page caching settings

= ( 2018-03-14 ) =
- Fix: API spam issue
- Fix: Performance scans not returning any results on some hosts
- Fix: High CPU usage with wphb-check-cf checks

= ( 2018-03-13 ) =
- Enhance: Better settings upgrade on multisite installs
- Fix: Scheduled performance reports stuck on a loop

= ( 2018-03-08 ) =
- Fix: Cached with Hummingbird comment shows on top of the page

= ( 2018-03-07 ) =
- Fix: Missing share-ui library

= 1.8.0 ( 2018-03-07 ) =
- New: Advanced tools
- New: Option to remove query strings from static resources
- New: Option to remove Emoji
- New: Option to add critical CSS
- New: Link to Hummingbird docs on the plugin page
- New: Page caching module can now cache 404 pages
- New: RSS feed cache options
- New: Clear cache button on specific pages/posts
- New: Database cleanup module
- New: Prefetch DNS
- New: Option to ignore performance reports
- Enhance: Refactored plugin code to reduce number of errors and collisions with third party plugins
- Enhance: Add links to docs on the plugin page
- Enhance: Minification renamed to Asset Optimization
- Enhance: Minification logs are now stored in wphb-logs instead of wphb-cache folder
- Fix: CDN being enabled from minification scans on subsites in multinetwork installs
- Fix: Default page caching exclusion rules regex syntax error
- Fix: Clear cache notice clearing minification settings
- Fix: Gzip not activating on Apache even if mod_deflate is installed on host

= 1.7.2 ( 2018-02-06 ) =
- New: Minification logging
- New: Performance reports for subsites
- Enhance: PHP 7.2 compatibility
- Enhance: Better support for installs where SSH of FTP filesystem methods are used
- Enhance: Texts in tooltips and notices in minification module
- Enhance: Improve dashboard performance module UI
- Enhance: Page caching will now add die() to the header of cached files and logs to improve security
- Enhance: Better integration with Divi theme
- Enhance: Minification UI
- Enhance: Uptime UI
- Fix: Page caching will not be halted forever if minification scan fails to finish
- Fix: Minification not enqueuing some scripts correctly (better support for Google maps, Google reCAPTCHA)
- Fix: Page cache not updated when comments added on multisite subdirectory installs
- Fix: Layout issues on IE11
- Fix: Hummingbird causing Internal server 500 error on some hosts
- Fix: Typos on browser caching page and membership modal

= 1.7.1 ( 2018-01-15 ) =
- New: Download log button in page caching module
- New: Minification screen has been split into beginner and advanced views
- New: Minification advanced view allows manipulations with jquery, jquery-core and jquery-migrate files
- Enhance: Page caching module checking for wp-content directory and wp-config.php file
- Enhance: Hummingbird will convert any path to regex expression in exclusion rules in page caching module
- Enhance: Compatibility with Bedrock
- Enhance: Detection and handling of WP_CACHE constant in wp-config.php file
- Enhance: More informative tooltips for caching modules
- Fix: Minification not always correctly detecting when HTTP/2 is used
- Fix: Cloudflare integration shows empty zone when website domain includes www
- Fix: Notices during page/post edit when page caching is active

= ( 2017-11-14 ) =
- New: Debugging option for page caching
- New: Support for DONOTCACHEPAGE
- Fix: Ability to disable minification on multisite
- Fix: Rating message shown on Pro version and without a 7 day delay
- Enhance: Description on clear cache notice
- Enhance: Better support for clearing cache for post/page taxonomies
- Enhance: Do not try to cache pages if advanced-cache.php can't load page caching class

= ( 2017-11-07 ) =
- Fix: Clear cache notices will not auto activate minification
- Fix: Inability to update performance reports settings
- Enhance: Improve page caching descriptions

= ( 2017-11-02 ) =
- Fix: White screen when trying to clear cache after plugin/theme update on multisite install

= 1.7.0 ( 2017-11-02 ) =
- New: Page caching
- New: Inline styles in minification
- New: Documentation link for all modules
- New: Gravatar widget on dashboard page
- Enhance: Code optimization and improvements aimed at improving performance in wp-admin
- Enhance: Add type icons to browser caching and gzip compression pages
- Enhance: Improved UX in the dashboard, browser caching and gzip modules
- Enhance: Better notice handling
- Enhance: Browser caching will auto check status on expiry settings update
- Fix: Cache expiry time not shown correctly for month and year
- Fix: Performance tests not running from quick setup modal
- Fix: Minified files not hosted on CDN
- Fix: Expiry times not displayed correctly for month and year periods

= 1.6.2 ( 2017-10-02 ) =
- Fix: API spamming issue

= 1.6.1 ( 2017-09-13 ) =
- New: Add font types to browser and cache rules
- New: Automatic detection of HTTP/2 and disable of combine function in minification
- Enhance: Add a button to the cache page for saving settings (instead of ajax)
- Enhance: Add a scrollbar to expiry settings dropdown
- Enhance: Better sync between Hummingbird and the Hub
- Enhance: Improve error and zone handling for Cloudflare
- Enhance: Links to support articles will now open in a new window
- Enhance: Gravatar caching will respect the classes of original HTML elements
- Enhance: Accessibility on hidden form elements
- Enhance: Gzip module page layout
- Enhance: Add Gravatar support when using get_avatar_url()
- Fix: Uninstall will clean out all the database rows, created by the plugin
- Fix: Layout issues on caching page
- Fix: Notice styles
- Fix: Do not cache Gravatars in admin
- Fix: Update translation strings
- Fix: Minification link visible in admin bar for non-admins in multisite
- Fix: Incorrect date on dashboard and Uptime module when site is down

= 1.6.0 ( 2017-08-07 ) =
- New: Gravatar caching
- New: Caching module layout
- New: Ability to defer scripts in minification
- Enhance: Better detect GZIP and browser cache
- Enhance: Do not minify files that are already minified by a theme or a plugin
- Enhance: Better support for older PHP versions (5.2 and 5.3)
- Enhance: Improve admin notice styles, make notices dismissable
- Enhance: Improve dashboard layout
- Enhance: Better connectivity with the Hub
- Enhance: Better support for support for screen readers
- Fix: Overlapping issues in dashboard
- Fix: PHP notices on dashboard page and during activation/deactivation
- Fix: Minification not working on some subsites in a network
- Fix: Minification stuck at 10% on some installs

= 1.5.5 ( 2017-07-17 ) =
- Fix: Bug in Performance Report
- Fix: Fatal error on activation on the free versioon
- Fix: HTML tags in Cloudflare module

= 1.5.4 ( 2017-07-13 ) =
- Fix: Cron reports were stuck on a loop on some WordPress installations
- Fix: Issue with reports and calculating UTC time
- Fix: Minification was duplicating inline styles
- Fix: IE incompatibility in minification screen
- Fix: Compatibility with Contact Form 7
- Fix: Mobile menus not working on Performance and Minification pages
- Enhance: Remove jQuery and jQuery migrate from minification process
- Enhance: Minor style changes and updates
- Enhance: Cron reports functionality
- Enhance: Code optimization
- Enhance: Admin area performance improvements

= 1.5.3 ( 2017-06-21 ) =
- Fix: Avada & Google Maps scripts incompatibility
- Fix: Bulk update not working when selecting all items in minification screen
- Fix: Minification engine sometimes forget about files and did not clean them
- Fix: Minification was always showing 0% saved in some cases
- Fix: Enjoy pro features notice does not go away
- Fix: Performance scans were not active for some users of the free version of the plugin
- Enhance: Some code optimizations in few areas
- Enhance: Minified files are now processed in a background task and in a bigger batch
- Enhance: Some minor styles changes
- Enhance: Use CDN option is not available in sites of a multisite anymore and is controlled from network admin
- Enhance: Improved activation logic for free/pro versions
- Some other minor fixes and refactoring

= 1.5.2 ( 2017-06-05 ) =
- First version
- Fix: Minification actions in bulk update modal were not functioning properly

= 1.5.1 ( 2017-06-05 ) =
- New: Allow to customise reports with WordPress hooks
- Enhance: Reports notifications now allow user name to be customised
- Enhance: When free and pro versions are activated, free version is auto deactivated
- Fix: Do not assign any user for reports notifications by default
- Fix: Performance settings were not properly saved if there were no user emails in the list
- Fix: Reports notifications could not be switched off
- Performance notifications is now pro feature only
- Moved dashboard class to pro folder
- Introduced ES6 in some scripts
- Some minor styles fixes
- Some other minor fixes

= 1.5 ( 2017-05-25 ) =
- New: User Interface has been completely redesigned
- New: Quick setup welcome modal
- New: Performance Reports. This new feature allow users to schedule performance reports and get them right into their email boxes
- New: Performance tests are now available for free users by triggering them manually
- New: Clear Cache button
- Enhance: Caching and Gzip are now auto checked when the plugin is activated
- Enhance: Do not combine assets by default
- Enhance: Uptime data is synced with WPMU DEV servers every 3 minutes
- Enhance: Minification stats calculations improvements
- Enhance: Cloudflare admin menu has been removed and integrated into Browser Cache screen
- Fix: When performance test is run for the first time, previous score improvement was "Pending"
- Fix: stylesheets with @import directives were always displayed as "Pending"
- Fix: Various minor improvements and bug fixes

= 1.4.3 ( 2017-04-25 ) =
- Fix: Sometimes minification stats appeared as a negative number
- Enhance: Minification: Make all post metadata private
- New: Added new actions to modify where HB saves the files

= 1.4.2 ( 2017-03-02 ) =
- Fix: MarketPress incompatibility
- Fix: In some cases, assets were not moved to footer
- Fix: Assets were always combined if some of them were marked as "not combined" in the same group
- Fix: Keep handle name when only one handle is enqueued in a group for better compatibility with wp_script_is function
- Fix: add_inline_scripts/styles did not work for plugins that inject inlines too late
- Fix: Sometimes assets are not enqueued under https if the site is SSL
- Enhance: Cloudflare box - Show a message if there are no zones available
- Some other minor fixes/improvements

= 1.4.1 ( 2017-01-12 ) =
- Fix: Upgrade process was triggered too early provoking a fatal error when Smart Crawler was active
- Fix: Minify Group warning
- Fix: Error when WPMUDEV Dashboard was not activated

= 1.4 ( 2017-01-10 ) =
- New: Brand new minification engine
- New: Minified files are now processed in WPMUDEV's servers
- New: Users can use WPMUDEV's CDN to store minified files
- New: Clear Cloudflare cache feature
- Fix: PHP code in stylesheets could potentially be exposed
- Enhancement: stylesheets with @import directives are not minified anymore due to multiple issues that were causing
- Some admin styles improvements

= 1.3.5 ( 2016-10-24 ) =
- New: Divi 3.0 integration

= ( 2016-10-07 ) =
- Fixed: Minification was always enabled in some sites.

= 1.3.4 ( 2016-10-03 ) =
- PHP 5.3 required for minification
- Fix: Javascript improvements in Cloudflare box
- Fix: Missing Hummingbird icon in admin bar
- Enhancement: Cloudflare now auto selects domain
- Enhancement: Improved caching detection
- Other minor improvements

= 1.3.3 ( 2016-09-02 ) =
- Fix: Parse error in Cloudflare module when ASP tags detection was active in PHP

= 1.3.2 ( 2016-08-22 ) =
- Fix: Error when detecting Cloudflare on activation

= 1.3.1 ( 2016-08-17 ) =
- Fix: Cloudflare was only showing 20 sites max
- Fix: Parse error in PHP < 5.3 installations

= 1.3 ( 2016-08-15 ) =
- New: Cloudflare integration
- New: LiteSpeed server detection
- Enhance: Clear minification cache when a plugin/theme is activated/deactivated
- Enhance: New better Javascript compressor
- Enhance: Plugin performance improvements
- Enhance: Better Uptime error display
- Fixed: Notice in minification screen when a plugin was deleted manually
- Fixed: replaced buttons by inputs as sometimes settings cannot be submitted in minification screen
- Fixed: Some minified URLs where prepended 'http' even if they had already http prepended
- Fixed: Some admin styles

= 1.2.4 ( 2016-08-10 ) =
- Fixed fatal error on activation when PHP version is < 5.3

= 1.2.3 ( 2016-07-22 ) =
- Enhance: Updated WPMU DEV styles library

= 1.2.2 ( 2016-06-16 ) =
- Fixed: Hummingbird Exception throwing fatal error in old versions of PHP (<5.3)
- Fixed: Notice in minification screen when a plugin was deleted manually
- Fixed: replaced buttons by inputs as sometimes settings cannot be submitted in minification screen
- Fixed: Some minified URLs where prepended 'http' even if they had already http prepended
- Enhance: Better Uptime error handling
- Replaced the javascript compressor for a better one
- Some styles improvements in admin

= 1.2.1 ( 2016-05-17 ) =
Fix: Sometimes excluded files did not appear on list after re checking files
Fix: Server type not updated when user switches it
Fixes to Google Chart API
Enhance: Faster minification scan
Enhance: Better GZIP htaccess code
Enhance: Search by extension in minification page

= 1.2 ( 2016-04-18 ) =
- New: Filter by plugin, theme or filename in minification screen
- New: Bulk actions in minification screen
- New: Divi integration
- New: Splitted minification chart into header and footer charts
- Fix: Unconsistent count of enqueued files in Dashboard
- Fix: BuddyPress warning
- Fix: PHP 5.2.4 error
- Fix: GZIP and caching results were cleared after 1 hour
- Fix: Login screen errors due to minification process
- Fix: Sometimes minificated sources were enqueued twice.
- Admin styles improvements
- Other minor fixes and improvements

= 1.1.2 ( 2016-03-18 ) =
- Fixed: Performance test waiting time set back to 5 minutes

= 1.1.1 ( 2016-03-17 ) =
- Fixed: Uptime not displaying chart
- Fixed: Warning in Uptime page

= 1.1 ( 2016-03-16 ) =
- New: New filetype in Caching results
- New: wphb_add_meta_box filter
- New: wphb_code_snippet filter
- Enhance: Get Uptime results when the plugin is activated
- Enhance: Start a performance test when the plugin is activated
- Enhance: Better errors handling in Plugin API Classes
- Enhance: Better cache clean on deactivation
- Fixed: Minification cached resources not being loaded via https
- Fixed: Permissions errors in multisites
- UX Improvements

= 1.0.1 ( 2016-03-03 ) =
- Enhance: Added plugins list action link
- Enhance: If Browser Caching is already recommended or better, Enable button is now hidden
- Enhance: Activate API log by using WP_DEBUG_LOG constant
- Fixed: Warning when deleting cached files
- Fixed: Empty file was appearing when all assets were sent to footer
- Fixed: settings were reset to default when plugin was deactivated.
- Some other minor enhancements/fixes

= 1.0 ( 2016-02-23 ) =
- First release

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