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Plugin Name: Hustle Marketing Social Share, Email Opt-in Form, and Popup Plugin
Author: WPMU DEV
Author URI:
Contributors: WPMUDEV
Tags: marketing, floating social, pop-up, popups slide-in, opt-in, email, advertise, signup, mailing list, wordpress pop up plugin, pop up maker
Requires at least: 4.6
Tested up to: 5.3
Stable tag: 7.0.4

Setup email opt-in forms, popups, social share bars, and generate leads with the world-class marketing pop-up builder plugin by WPMU DEV.

== Description ==

*Hustle is the ultimate marketing plugin for building a mailing list with opt-in forms, targeted marketing popups, lead generation, building a social following with share bars, improving conversions, and growing your business by the award-winning developers of [Smush]( image optimization and [Forminator]( form builder at WPMU DEV.*

Hustle lets you easily grow your mailing list or display targeted ads across your site with pop-ups, slide-ins, widgets, and shortcodes.


> “This is hands down the best popup plugin for WordPress there is. It’s so easy to use, configure and customize and the interface is also super cool...” - [AmidaC](

> “Recovering 15%+ of sales due to this. Insanely good. Thanks!” - [lmbpack](

> “Amazing plugin really. Everything you need to create professional ads without spending a dime...amazing integration with MailChimp.” - [Marco Floriano](

### Get Busy With Social Sharing
Plus, Hustle now includes top social icons for easily building your following on your favorite social networks. Quickly enable the most popular social networks and use floating social, widgets, and shortcodes to add followers.

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Pinterest
- Reddit
- LinkedIn
- VKontakte
- 500px
- Houzz
- Instagram
- Twitch
- YouTube
- Telegram
- WhatsApp

### Hustle Makes Styling Easy
Hustle lets you quickly style your marketing to pop. Choose colors, animations, layouts, drop shadows, and display conditions from the easy-to-use design settings for pop-ups, slide-ins, email opt-ins, and social share bars.

### Highly Targeted Display Settings
Hustle has all the behaviors and conditions you’ll need to target visitors with email opt-ins or ads. Use time, on-click, scroll, location, position, page, post, login, category, tag, referral link, and device type to reach more users.

### Form Builder Integrations
Hustle integrates with popular free form builders like [Forminator](, so you can embed your forms, polls, and quizzes into popups and slide-ins for interactive lead generation. Grow your following and capture more leads with Hustle.

### Grow Your Mailing List
Hustle integrates with all the popular email services. Just connect your account and start collecting new subscribers.

- AWeber
- ActiveCampaign
- Campaign Monitor
- MailChimp & MailChimp groups
- Constant Contact
- ConvertKit
- GetResponse
- Hubspot
- Sendy
- Mad Mimi
- Mautic
- Infusionsoft
- SendinBlue
- MailerLite
- iContact
- Zapier
- SendGrid

### Gutenberg WordPress Editor Block
Hustle supports both the Classic Editor plugin and Gutenberg. When you're ready to say goodbye to shortcodes, the Hustle block pulls your opt-ins and embedded content in for you.

### Smart Exit-Intent
Hustle has exit-intent, a favorite of professional marketers, that detects when visitors are about to leave your site and – BOOM! A pop-up or slide-in to grab their attention.

### ReCAPTCHA Spam Warrior
Keep bot subscribers from taking over your mailing lists. Hustle connects to Googles ReCAPTCHA to protect your signup forms from spam.

### Adblock is no Match for Hustle
Hustle has the moves and displays pop-ups and slide-ins even when Adblockers try to block your content.

### Measure Performance and Results
Hustle includes three handy metrics to help you make better marketing decisions including stats on how many times forms are displayed and submitted and conversion rates.

*Features available in Hustle include:*

- Pop-ups, slide-ins, widgets, embeds and after post opt-ins
- 3 free popups [upgrade to Hustle Pro for unlimited](
- 3 free slide-ins [upgrade to Hustle Pro for unlimited](
- 3 free social share bars [upgrade to Hustle Pro for unlimited](
- 3 free embeds [upgrade to Hustle Pro for unlimited](
- Built-in designs editor for simple customization
- Color match your brand, like magic
- Smooth display animations
- Aweber, MailChimp, MailChimp groups, Constant Contact, Sendy, Infusionsoft, Mad Mimi, Mautic. GetResponse & Campaign Monitor Ready
- Super powerful conditions for targeting your audience
- Track how many times pop-ups, slide-ins and opt-ins are displayed
- See submissions straight through WordPress
- Conversion rates overview
- 4 default layouts
- Easy management dashboard
- New features, layouts and sass coming every month

### A Note From Hustle
Hey! This is Hustle, your trusted popup, email opt-in, and marketing plugin for WordPress. I’m part of the WPMU DEV team, a superhero-suite of WordPress plugins, services, and support. Here are some of our other free plugins:

- [Smush]( - Image Compression and Optimization
- [Forminator]( - Form, Quiz, Poll and Survey Builder
- [Hummingbird]( - Speed up, Cache, Optimize Your CSS and JS

And if you need ALL our Pro plugins AND 24/7 WordPress support, get a WPMU DEV membership! You can try it free for 30 days: [](

My superhero friends run the WPMU DEV Blog, your source for the very best WordPress tutorials. If you need to be in the know about WordPress, check it out.

Thanks for looking at Hustle, and I look forward to helping you market and grow your business with popups and more.

*Enjoy, The Hustle*

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= What is Hustle and where did WordPress PopUp go? =
WordPress PopUp went through a massive makeover and is now a complete pop-up, slide-in and email opt-in marketing suite, so we gave it a new name. With Hustle you get even more options for growing your business. Enjoy all the new features!

= Will I lose my pop-ups when I upgrade from WP PopUp to Hustle? =
Nope! All your pop-ups will seamlessly be added to the custom content module in Hustle.

= Are there any feature limitations with Hustle? =
No! Hustle gives you all the same settings and options as Hustle Pro. The only difference is Hustle Pro offers unlimited Opt-ins, Custom Content, and Social Sharing.

== Screenshots ==

1. Easily create pop-ups with amazing animations and preview them as you build.
2. All the display conditions you need for targeted marketing.
3. Quickly create and display a floating social sharing icon bar.
4. Build beautiful pop-ups with any of the 4 included layouts.

== Changelog ==
= 7.1.0 =
* Important! We've fixed visibility conditions! Prior to Hustle 4.1, the visibility engine would require you to set rules for every post type your theme used, not just the ones you specified to make it appear on correct pages. We've updated this behavior to only display modules based on the post types explicitly defined in your conditions. For Example, if you add a “Pages” condition to show your module on 1 page only, you'd no longer have to add other post type conditions to hide your module on them. After updating, we recommend double-checking your Hustle modules' visibility conditions are working as expected.
* Allow restricting access within Hustle by user roles
* Add groups to visibility conditions
* Add "any" and "all" conditionals within groups
* Allow applying each group to a different display type
* Allow the conditions to show or hide the module when they are met
* Add a visibility conditions for Woocommerce, page templates, the user's browser, registration date, user role, static pages, and archive pages
* Remove "all" and "none" within the conditions' options
* Handle support for some of the old conditions behavior with the new options
* Allow extending the core's visibility conditions
* Use a single option for retrieving migration flags
* Improve error messages when importing modules
* Prevent the email form field from being removed
* Improve integrations' support for different field types

= 7.0.4 =
* Allow saving and using custom palettes
* Add a setting for removing the module's main styles
* Include reCAPTCHA v3
* Include reCAPTCHA v2 Invisible
* Add setting for handling the visibility after CTA conversion
* Allow changing the field's error messages
* Add a "hidden" field type for forms
* Add setting for enabling or disabling validation for URL fields
* Allow selecting which metas will be included during module import
* Differentiate CTA conversions from form submission conversions
* Support Sendgrid's new Marketing Campaigns
* Pass GDPR checkbox data to integrations
* Display more than 10 tags in Mailchimp
* Improve Sendgrid's custom fields compatibility
* Adjust textdomain for Pro version
* Improve compatibility with Forminator
* Prevent modules from being saved without any active integration
* Include the global integration's name in the module's integrations settings
* Fix bulk delete not working properly in Email lists
* Prevent saving a module when there are errors with the selected settings
* Fix popups not showing for Administrator role
* Improve minor UI and UX details
* Add pagination at the top and bottom of the modules' listing pages
* Fix current page in modules lists pagination not being highlighted
* Pause videos when the module is closed on preview
* Make datepicker's strings translatable
* Remove the integrations' data from tables when disconnecting the global instance
* Update Hustle's links in the plugins page
* Fix WhatsApp icon not working properly in mobile
* Fix Slide-in not positioned correctly when using a custom size

= 7.0.3 =
* Add option to reset the plugin's data manually and on uninstall
* Add "Email" to social sharing module's services
* Add option to Anonymise the stored data periodically
* Allow selecting the Metrics that are shown in the plugin's Dashboard page
* Allow applying the "After submission" behavior to external forms
* Add option to remove stored entries whe performin Account Erasure Requests
* Add "validate" option to form fields
* Update MadMimi to V3
* Update Sendinblue to V3
* Replace CampaignMonitor and Mautic libraries by custom wrappers
* Add GDPR compliance to Sendy, Mailchimp, and ActiveCampaign
* Allow picking the background color of the success message
* Allow adding input manually in the datepicker field
* Add border design settings for the "Call to Action" button
* Fix minor UX and UI details
* Fix module not following CPT conditions
* Fix 'Ensure text remains visible during webfont load' in Google Pagespeed Insights
* Fix emails sent by Hustle not using the defined sender and not displaying as HTML
* Fix 'form' tags being stripped in frontend in some cases
* Fix slide-in behavior when using a custom size
* Check for crawlers before calling geo services
* Fix conflict with HitMag theme
* Fix White label not being applied in certain pages
* Improve how the stored integrations' lists are retrieved
* Improve compatibility with Forminator polls and dropdowns
* Improve compatibility with Branda, Nextgen, and Facebook Feed Pro plugins
* Replace the default HTML form validator by the custom one
* Fix wildcards not working under the "Specific URL" condition
* Fix social sharing modules looking off in Internet Explorer

= 7.0.2 =
* Add a "time" fields in forms
* Add language options for reCAPTCHA fields
* Update Facebook's native counter endpoint
* Fix iframes and forms being removed from the main content
* Improve accessibility in wizard's custom colors
* Fix stats at the top of the page not updating in Embeds and Social sharing listings
* Improve compatibility with Forminator and Gravity Forms on preview
* Improve compatibility with HubSpot Marketing plugin
* Fix Automated emails not being sent
* Make the "embed" shortcode work in the main content
* Fix forminator scripts being enqueued in the wrong pages
* Load the stylesheets related to the displayed module types only in frontend
* Update the existing subscription when an email is added again
* Improve compatibility between the Aweber library and PHP 7
* Improve UI/UX details in backend and frontend
* Improve date formats for the datepicker field
* Fix Aweber not updating already subscribed users
* Fix Sendy error when selecting a list with no subscribers
* Fix Infusionsoft not assigning the selected tag to the added subscriber.
* Fix shortcodes not displaying when adding multiple in certain order
* Improve compatibility with Firefox in form fields in frontend
* Fix unsubscribe functionality not displaying the lists
* Fix custom styling not being applied for informational modules
* Update user capabilities when updating the plugin via FTP
* Fix emails list exporting the displayed entries only
* Improve compatibility with other plugins requiring wp-color-picker script
* Fix social sharing modules ignoring the default number when using "Native" counters
* Fix whitelabel not working for the footer in wizard pages
* Improve compatibility with GeoDirectory plugin
* Make embeds follow the settings from "Custom size"
* Fix embed staying hidden if added via AJAX right after load.
* Improve custom fields integration for Aweber and ActiveCampaign
* Fix PHP message when an Embed is removed while being selected in widgets
* Make the "closing behavior" work on the homepage
* Fix border color for errors not being applied to inputs

= =
* All new SUI
* Support having multiple integrations per module
* Add a dedicated page for integrations' global settings and local subscriptions list
* Allow deleting, navigating, and filtering local subscriptions
* Support WPMU DEV white labeling with the Dashboard plugin hero hider
* Add per module analytics for tracking data
* Allow deleting the modules' tracking data
* Handle data migration from 3.x
* Add counter type per network in the social sharing module
* Improve the flow for when setting up integrations
* Render the modules on page load instead of templating
* Allow scheduling a one-time email for new subscribers
* Include the integrations' submission data in the local subscriptions list
* Increase the amount of customizable elements for colors palettes
* Add option to give form fields custom classes
* Fix double opt-in for MailerLite not working
* Support wildcards and regex in "URL" visibility conditions
* Fix custom Javascript running twice on page load
* Preview modules via AJAX
* Adjust outdated countries in the countries list
* Improve modules' structure, responsiveness, and cross-browser compatibility in frontend
* Improve compatibility with page builders and minifying plugins
* Add "Never show again" link to modules
* Add WhatsApp to social sharing networks
* Remove Google+ from networks
* Allow applying the closing behavior to different closing methods
* Implement High Contrast Mode for accessibility
* Extend the possible actions and bulk actions for modules in listing pages

= 6.0.9 =
* Add alternative method for migrating big data from Hustle 2.x to 3.x.
* Fix PHP error when adding tags and categories display conditions.
* Fix module not showing up if specific animations were set.

= =
* Fix Constant Contact check so the email is searched in the current list only.
* Accept active lists besides the static ones in Constant Contact.
* Fix InfusionSoft status being saved as "Non Marketable".
* Improve process to connect to Hubspot.
* Improve escaping values on emails list CSV export.
* Load more than 20 lists in Mailchimp.
* Allow removing the module's styles via hooks.
* GDPR checkbox not working properly if there's more than one instance of the module.
* Improve PlanSo Forms and Gravity Forms compatibility.
* Keep shortcode IDs unique when duplicating modules.
* Fix Social Sharing modules always showing relative to "screen".
* Fix Social Sharing shortcodes not working properly in MU.
* Fix social icons going beyond the box in IE.
* Fix bug with the modules' "Test" status.
* Fix the modules showing in the 404 page when using any display condition.
* Improve several UI and UX details.
* Fix shortcode ID containing quotation marks.
* Remove static version on enqueued script.
* Improve Popup responsiveness.
* Follow the link even when the link is a module trigger.
* Fix Social Sharing counter, and behavior in WPMU Dev host.
* Fix small styling conflict between BuddyPresss and Social Sharing modules.

= 6.0.7 =
* Add Gutenberg blocks.
* Add reCAPTCHA for opt-in forms.
* Support double opt-in for ActiveCampaign.
* Allow users to subscribe again when using Mailchimp.
* Fix error when opening the modules' wizard in big sites.
* Fix embedded shortcodes not showing in multisite.
* Improve export/import in multisite.
* Fix floating social sharing module always showing relative to the screen.
* Improve UI and UX details.
* Fix floating social sharing module not showing when the selector is in certain places.
* Add hooks for when the modules are created.
* Improve Visual Composer and Forminator compatibility.
* Improve compatibility with WPMU Dev host.
* Add "hours" option to "After module is closed" setting.
* Removed redundant GDPR checkbox on informational popups due to this feature not being requested, and no data is stored as a result of showing it in an informational popup.

= =
* Adjust the frontend layouts to fix several issues.
* Improve the way frontend layouts look in IE.
* Allow anonymizing specific IPs from tracked data.
* Fix minor UI and UX details in backend and frontend.
* Fix Mautic issue not allowing users to subscribe.
* Fix "Country" display conditon not working.
* Fix saved theme not showing in frontend.
* Fix style conflict with WPMU Dev dashboard.
* Fix edge case php error on upgrade.
* Remove the redirect to Hustle dashboard after activation.
* Create the database tables again after re-installing.
* Adjust the way custom fields are saved in the providers.
* Improve compatibility with Forminator.
* Add Privacy Policy suggestion text.
* Add notification when user can install Pro version.
* Allow retrieving more than 100 lists in Aweber.

= 6.0.5 =
* Allow users to unsubscribe from local lists.
* Allow adding providers as external plugins.
* Add import/export module functionality.
* Add duplicate module functionality.
* Add option to choose if the module should show up after subscription.
* Fix console error when updating custom form fields.
* Fix inline social sharing not displaying properly.
* Use embeds IDs instead of names as unique identifier.
* Make native social counters retrieve their info asynchronously.
* Fix MU installation not redirecting to Hustle Dashboard.
* Fix Slide-in "Test" status not behaving properly.
* Make embeds widgets follow the defined visibility rules.
* Allow using the same email twice when subscribing to Mailchimp.
* Switch to Mailchimp for Hustle's Free Opt-in subscription form.
* Fix opt-in form behavior with each provider.
* Fix iContact settings error.
* Fix Constant Contact settings error.
* Fix Sendgrid library conflict.
* Fix Custom fields behavior on some providers.
* Fix PHP error when using category conditions in multiple modules.
* Fix checkboxes and radios issue when the same embed is twice in the same page.
* Fix various UI details in dashboard and frontend.
* Add "upgrade" link on plugins page for Free version.

= =
* Add SendGrid and Zapier integrations.
* Add API share counters to Social Sharing modules.
* Add "Save draft" option when saving modules.
* Add filter to prevent Google fonts from loading.
* Show GDPR checkbox as required on form submission.
* Fix SendinBlue "Load more" button behaviour.
* Improve module appearance on fontend for IE.
* Fix "Continue" button behaviour on backend for IE.
* Show GDPR checkbox even if the main content is empty.
* Fix various UX issues on frontend and backend.
* Fix various styling issues on frontend and backend.
* Fix module's behaviours under certain display conditions.
* Fix "Floating in respect to CSS selector" setting on Social Share modules not saving.
* Improve compatibility with Forminator, Contact Form 7, WPBakery Page Builder, The Grid, and Upfront plugins, and with Bridge theme.
* Fix migration of social stats.
* Fix PHP notices when changing email provider to Infusionsoft.
* Improve alert behavior on module edit pages when navigating away.
* Improve email providers process of subscription and saving settings.
* Make Youtube video stop when closing popup.
* Fix stats from all sub-sites modules showing up on multisite.
* Fix connection issue with Hubspot.
* Serve resources from a consistent URL in GTmetrix.
* Fix Mautic URL saving issue.
* Improve the way modules are prioritized to show up.
* Fix module fields not showing in frontend when enabling and changing "Custom size".
* Fix "on click" trigger when no animation is set.
* Fix "After Content" display settings having different results after upgrade.
* Fix "exit intent" triggering when interacting with forms.
* Increase free version limitations.
* Add new "Upgrade" modal.

= 6.0.3 =
* Add GDPR frontend checkbox option to modules.

= 6.0.2 =
* Add MailerLite and iContact Integration.
* Update E-Newsletter integration to be consistent with other integrations.
* Fix various styling issues on frontend and backend.
* Fix minor backend UX issues.
* Fix an issue with ConstantContact only saving to the first email list.
* Fix homepage not obeying module display conditions when showing recent posts.
* Fix an issue with ConstantContact where redirecting after signing in brought the user to the editing popups even when editing embeds or slide ins.
* Fix adblocker trigger from triggering even when no adblocker is present.
* Update 404 display condition behavior to showing on the 404 page or not rather than only displaying on 404 page and no other.
* Adjusted verbiage for After Slide-in is Closed description to avoid confusion.
* Disable save button on continue press to avoid accidental multiple saves.
* Fix slide in and popup shortcode trigger not working since 3.0.
* Fix some PHP warnings.
* Improve Hustle frontend accessibility for social sharing.
* Fix Mad Mimi and Campaign Monitor email integrations.
* Only show SSL requirement notice for constant contact when necessary.

= 6.0.1 =
* Add legacy support for widgets and shortcodes.
* Fix issues with local email lists, tracking, and custom CSS not getting migrated properly.
* Fix various style issues.
* Fix issue with ActiveCampaign incorrectly showing duplicate error upon sign up to a separate list.
* Fix inability to close out of the welcome message on dashboard.
* Fix Embeds local email list not downloading.
* Fix Object Caching issue with some hosts where settings appeared to not save.

= 6.0 =
* New UI Flow and Design
* New structure for Hustle modules (introducing Pop-ups, Slide-ins, Embeds, and Social Sharing)
* Automatic migration from Hustle 2.x to Hustle 3.0

= =
* Improved ConstantContact Integration.

= 5.1.5 =
* Improved HubSpot integration.
* Improved Mautic integration.
* Fixed Custom Content js errors on frontend.

= 5.1.4 =
* New HubSpot integration (static list).
* Improved ConstantContact integration.
* Improved InfusionSoft integration.
* Improved AWeber integration.
* Improved Mautic integration.
* Improved SendInBlue integration.
* Improved Opt-in when provider not set but uses "Save Emails to local list".
* Fixed Opt-in signup button not showing on some layouts.
* Fixed Custom Content front-end JavaScript errors.

= =
* Improved compatibility with PHP 5.2 and 5.3.
* Improved the display for MailChimp Groups on frontend.

= =
* Improved API Connection Security for Integrations.

= 5.1.3 =
* New SendInBlue integration.
* Added "Load More" button for MailChimp lists.
* Fixed MailChimp integration issues.
* Fixed custom colors issues on social sharing admin wizard.
* Fixed media queries break custom css.

= 5.1.2 =
* Fixed Custom Content conflict with Page Builder by SiteOrigin.
* Fixed MailChimp integration issues.
* Fixed ActiveCampaign integration issues.

= 5.1.1 =
* Updated MailChimp integration and used their 3.0 API.
* Updated "show less than" display condition and now works even "tracking" is off.
* Updated listing page on each module to show shortcode on shortcode type.
* Fixed activating Hustle on Multisite re-directs to an error.
* Fixed IE styles on admin wizards.
* Fixed IE issues on admin wizards.
* Fixed conflict with Caldera Forms.
* Fixed Pop-up "on click" trigger does not do preventDefault.
* Fixed activating any plugin will redirect a Hustle user to Hustle.
* Fixed Social Sharing wizard style issues.
* Fixed Custom Content images not responsive.
* Fixed Opt-in able to create duplicate additional fields.
* Fixed IE issues when previewing Opt-in on admin.
* Fixed Social Sharing issue: disabling "click counter" still shows counter numbers.
* Fixed close button does not act as 'Never see this message again'.
* Fixed Pop-up scroll issue.

= 5.1 =
* New social sharing module.
* New mautic integration.
* New module dashboard for empty modules.
* New settings dashboard for empty modules.
* New toggle option for tracking views and conversion for each module.
* New error log list for opt-in module.
* New option to add new fields for opt-in module.
* New validation for opt-in submission.
* New option to edit opt-in submit button.
* New "after_content" preview type for custom content module.
* New settings link in plugin list.
* Fixed "Hide all slide in messages for user" option is not working.
* Fixed custom content widget/shortcode layout doesn't have styles.
* Fixed clicking on any field in slide-in opt-in closes it, can't enter information.
* Fixed using form submit setting "Refresh or Close" causes custom content slide-in to refresh endlessly.
* Fixed custom content module "custom css" not rendering on preview.
* Fixed popup show less than (display condition) not working.
* Fixed "NextGen Gallery" compatibility.
* Fixed "Beaver Builder" conflict.
* Fixed email service fields are not enabled/disabled correctly on opt-in module.
* Fixed IE issues.
* Fixed custom css issue with @media.
* Fixed custom content module not appearing on appearance/widget.
* Fixed "Embed Any Document" compatibility.
* Fixed "Contact Form 7" compatibility.
* Fixed html content is getting stripped on custom content module.
* Fixed Hustle not filtering by tag.
* Fixed custom content module "custom css" doesn't recognize html tags.
* Fixed "Caldera Forms" compatibility.

= =
* Updated dashboard copy.

= =
* Fix: Custom content slide-in not showing on frontend.

= 5.0.1 =
* Add: ConvertKit integration.
* Add: Custom post type support.
* Add: Auto-enable Opt-in shortcode and widget when creating new one
* Improved structure, events and performance when showing modals.
* Improved UI by using sprites instead of icon fonts.
* Fix: In a specific Country display condition is not working.
* Fix: Slide in Trigger shortcode button doesn't work.
* Fix: Page scrolled option on optin.
* Fix: Minify issue conflict with W3 Total Cache.
* Fix: MailChimp lists have a hover effect.
* Fix: Custom content form submission.
* Fix: Popup overflowed height.
* Fix: Never see again option behavior.
* Fix: Issues with Hustle on mobile.
* Fix: Extra content showing on hustle custom content.
* Fix: E-newsletter integration issues.
* Fix: Hustle breaks Backer Theme.
* Fix: On Opt-in listing, shortcode toggle not saved persistently.
* Fix: Unsaved content warning after saving individual creation steps.
* Fix: Youtube continues to play when popup is closed.
* Fix: Migration issues from Wordpress Popup

= 5.0.0 =
* PopUp is now called Hustle.
* Automatic migration for existing pop-ups into custom content.
* Add: Major redesign for better user experience.
* Add: New Custom Content module.
* Add: New Opt-in module.
* Add: New Dashboard page.
* Add: New Settings page.
* Add: New top conversions table.
* Add: New top conversions graph.
* Add: Grouped color in palette customization.
* Add: Optional action button to custom URL in Custom Content module.
* Add: Opt-in module can be used as shortcode in Custom Content module.
* Add: Choices of auto responsive size or custom size for Custom Content.
* Add: Separated save button when creating or editing module.
* Add: Categories criteria in Display Conditions.
* Add: Tags criteria in Display Conditions.
* Add: Posts criteria in Display Conditions.
* Add: Pages criteria in Display Conditions.
* Add: Modules Overview in Dashboard.
* Add: WP Notification for migrated pop-ups
* Fix: Pop up on exiting page.
* Fix: 'close button acts as never seen again' not working.

= =
* Improve the popup javascript to display popups.
* Update and clean up background code.
* Fix issue, that prevented users from deleting popups.
* Fix issue with extra "\" slashes in admin preview.
* Fix permissions of the Popup custom post type.
* Fix issues with twentysixteen theme.
* Many small bugfixes in the background.

= =
* Fix compatibility issues caused by WordPress 4.3 changes
* Fix a PHP notice about invalid foreach value
* Fix bug that removed backslashs "\" from popup contents upon saving
* Remove debug output when saving a PopUp

= =
* Fix incompatibility with ACF Pro plugin
* Fix issue that made rules inaccessible (not clickable in editor)
* Fix several PHP warnings and notices

= =
We added a lot of PRO features to the free version:
* Free version can activate up to 3 PopUps at the same time!
* Free version can now use the custom CSS editor for PopUps!
* Free version now suppors PopUp Animations!
* Free version can use all Form Submit actions!
* Free version unlocked the Color options for PopUps!
* Small code improvements to avoid PHP notices

= =
* Add a link target option for CTA Button (use _blank to open CTA in new tab)
* Add JS hook 'popup-submit-process' to allow manual updating of popup contents after form submit
* Simplify PopUp template structure to encourage creation of custom templates
* Fix XSS vulnerability (add_query_arg/remove_query_arg)
* Fix several small issues with different rules

= =
* Fix incompatibility with Custom Sidebars plugin

= =
* Fix several small bugs
* Fix URL rules that check for https:// protocol
* Improve "Full URL rule" to check all protocols

= =
* Fix incompatibility with Custom Sidebars plugin

= =
* Fix small JavaScript error

= 4.7.0 =
* Add PopUp Animations (PRO version)
* Add Behavior option: Form submit behavior (PRO version)
* Add new meta box: Custom CSS for individual PopUps (PRO version)
* Add validation of PopUp shortcodes for the current loading method
* Fix an issue where the PopUp closes when Gravity Forms is submitted
* Fix the on-URL rules in Ajax loading methods
* Fix the Ajax loading methods when Strict-Mime-Check is enabled

= =
* Fix error on servers that run older php version than 5.3

= =
* Better: Improved handling of forms inside PopUps
* Better: Ajax calls improved to prevent security errors by iThemes, etc.

= =
* New: Allow page to be scrolled while PopUp is open.
* Fix: Prevent PopUps from staying open after submitting a form to external URL.
* Fix: PopUps without content can be displayed now.

= =
* New: Two new WordPress filters allow custom positioning and styling of PopUps.
* Fix: Correctly display Meta-boxes of other plugins in the popup-editor.
* Fix: Plugins that use custom URL rewriting are working now (e.g. NextGen Gallery)
* Fix: PopUps can be edited even on servers with memcache/similar caching extensions.
* Fix: Resolve "Strict Standards" notes in PHP 5.4
* Fix: Rule "Not internal link" now works correctly when opening page directly.
* Fix: Rule "Specific Referrer" handles empty referrers correctly.
* Better: Forms inside PopUps will only refresh the PopUp and not reload the page.
* Better: Detection of theme compatibility for loading method "Page Footer" improved.

= =
* New: Added Contextual Help to the PopUp editor to show supported shortcodes.
* Fix: Logic of rule "[Not] On specific URL" corrected.
* Fix: Close forever now works also via click on background layer.
* Better: Improved info on supported shortcodes.

= 4.6.1 =
* Fix: For some users the plugin was not loading after update to 4.6
* Fix: Old Popups will now replace shortcodes correctly.

= 4.6 =

* Completely re-build the UI from ground up!
* Migrated PopUps to a much more flexible data structure.
* Merged sections "Add-Ons" and "Settings" to a single page.
* Removed old legacy code; plugin is cleaner and faster.
* New feature: Preview PopUp inside the Editor!
* Three new, modern PopUp styles added.
* Featured Image support for new PopUp styles.

= =

* Performance improvements
* Fixed issue with dynamic JavaScript loading
* Added PO_PLUGIN_DIR in config for changing plugin directory name

= =

* Added missing translatable strings
* Updated language file

= =

* added collation to tables creation code
* updated require calls to include directory path
* moved custom loading out of experimental status
* set default loading method to custom loading

= 4.4.5 =

* Added different custom loading method that should be cache resistant and remove issues with other ajax loading method.
* Made On URL rule more specific so that it doesn't match child pages when the main page is specified

= 4.4.4 =

* Added option to switch from JS loading to standard loading of pop ups.
* Added ability to use regular expressions in the referrers and on url conditions.
* Prepared code to make it easy to upgrade interface for future releases.

= 4.4.3 =

* Updated for WP 3.5
* Added initial attempt to distinguish referrers from Google search and referrers from Google custom site search.

= 4.4.2 =

* Removed unneeded css and js files
* Updated language file

= 4.4.1 =

* Moved popover loading js to be created by a php file due to needing extra processing.
* Fixed issue with directory based sites loading popover script from main site.
* Fixed issue of popover loading on login and register pages.

= 4.4 =

* Updated Popover to load via ajax call rather than page creation for cache plugin compatibility

= 4.3.2 =

* Major rewrite
* Multiple PopUps can be created
* Fixed issue of network activation not creating tables until admin area visited
* Updated code to remove all notifications, warnings and depreciated function calls ready for WP 3.4

= 3.1.4 =

* WP3.3 style updating

= 3.0 =

* Initial release

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