iubenda Cookie and Consent Solution for the GDPR ePrivacy Plugin

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Requires at least: 4.0
Requires PHP: 5.2.4
Tested up to: 5.3.2
Stable tag: 2.3.0
License: MIT License
License URI: http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

An All-in-One approach developed by iubenda, which includes functionalities of two powerful solutions that help to make your website GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.

== Description ==

This plugin is an All-in-One approach developed by iubenda, which includes functionalities of two powerful solutions (see below) that help to make your website GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. The plugin lets you automate the implementation of ePrivacy (Cookie Law) and GDPR requirements by providing a fully customizable cookie banner, blocking scripts, and by managing all aspects of cookie consent. It also allows you to record, review, and maintain comprehensive GDPR records of consent for your web-forms.

== Cookie Solution ==

This plugin drastically reduces the need for direct interventions in the code of the site by integrating with iubenda’s Cookie Solution. It provides a fully customizable cookie banner, dynamically generates a cookie policy to [match the services in use on your site](https://www.iubenda.com/en/help/19004-how-to-use-the-site-scanner-from-within-the-generator), and, fully manages cookie-related consent – including the blocking of the most common widgets and third-party cookies before consent is received – in order to comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy.

**Key features:**

* The plugin automatically inserts the iubenda code in the head of every page of the site
* Allows you to automatically or manually block scripts that can install cookies prior to consent, without the need of direct intervention on the code
* Allows you to autodetect and limit prior-blocking and cookie consent requests only to users from the EU – where this is a legal requirement – while running cookies scripts normally in regions where you are still legally allowed to do so.
* Asynchronously re-activates cookie scripts once consent is collected.
* Handles the display of the cookie banner and cookie policy, allowing you to fully customize the banner to match the look and colors of your site if needed
* California Consumer Privacy Act [(CCPA) Support](https://www.iubenda.com/en/help/21165-ccpa-how-to-add-a-notice-of-collection-and-a-do-not-sell-link)
* Saves user preferences about the use of cookies and displays a clean page (without banner) to users who have already provided their consent
* Integrates with IAB’s [Transparency and Consent Framework](https://www.iubenda.com/en/help/7440-enable-preference-management-iab-framework#revenue) (TCF)
* Allows you to provide you users with granular, per-category preference control (e.g. basic functionalities, experience enhancement, targeting & advertising)
* Compatible with Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
* Features an easy-to-use interface for entering custom scripts and iframes
* Detects bots/spiders and serves them a clean page so that your SEO efforts are never compromised

**The plugin is currently capable of automatically detecting and blocking the following scripts:**

* Google Analytics
* Google Maps
* Google AdSense
* Google ReCaptcha
* Google Site Search
* Google Tag Manager
* Google oAuth
* Google+ widgets
* Twitter widgets
* Facebook widgets
* Facebook Comments
* YouTube
* Vimeo
* Linkedin widgets
* ShareThis widgets
* Instagram widgets
* AddThis widgets
* Pinterest widgets
* PayPal widgets
* Disqus
* Optimizely
* Neodata
* Criteo
* Outbrain
* Headway
* Codepen
* Freshchat
* Uservoice
* AdRoll
* Olark
* Segment
* Kissmetrics
* Mixpanel
* Pingdom
* Bing
* Elevio

== Consent Solution ==

Maintaining valid records of consent is a vital part of privacy compliance in general, and it is specifically required under the GDPR. These records should include a userid, timestamp, consent proof, record of the consenting action, and the legal documents available to the user at the time of consent, among other things. This plugin **is THE most complete solution for recording, sorting and maintaining GDPR records of consent**. The plugin also boasts built-in compatibility with WordPress comment form, Contact Form 7 and WP Forms plugins for your convenience, but can be manually integrated with any type of web-form and can even store consent proofs for consents collected offline (e.g in-store sign-ups) via WP media upload.

**Key features:**

* The plugin detects and identifies all supported forms that are embedded in the website
* It’s auto-compatible with and allows super easy mapping of Contact Form 7, WP Forms, WordPress comment and WooCommerce checkout forms
* It allows manual integration with any type of web-form
* For each consent, track the form/wording the user was prompted with
* Flexibly upload any form of proof of consent or legal notice, including a PDF if consent was collected offline
* It provides a high granularity: map individual form fields, exclude fields (like password inputs), add legal notices available at the time of consent collection, indicate double opt-in, set preferences and more
* REST HTTP API and JS SDK, to give you total control and how and when consent is stored
* Store multiple preferences for each user (e.g. if you have multiple newsletters or opt-ins)
* Features an easy-to-use interface for entering custom scripts and iframes
* It provides API input field for quick and easy activation

**Some background information**

If you potentially have any European users, you must comply with laws like the [GDPR](https://www.iubenda.com/en/help/5428-gdpr-guide#consent) and [ePrivacy](https://www.iubenda.com/en/help/6293-cookie-consent-management-faq). These laws are precise in their requirements and technical implementation can be pretty complicated. We've tried to make this process as painless as possible for website and app owners with our suite of compliance software solutions.
Our Cookie and Consent Solution plugin for WordPress simplifies and manages these compliance requirements within a few clicks. This extension works with the iubenda [Cookie Solution](https://www.iubenda.com/en/cookie-solution) and [Consent Solution](https://www.iubenda.com/en/consent-solution).

**Which languages does iubenda work in currently?**

* English
* Italian
* French
* Spanish
* Portuguese (Brazilian)
* German
* Dutch
* Russian

== Installation ==

* Search in your WordPress plugins admin panel for “iubenda Cookie and Consent Solution”, install it;
* Once the plugin is installed and activated, go to the Admin Panel → iubenda menu where you can select either the Cookie Solution or Consent Solution (depending on which you’d like to set up first).
* **For the Cookie Solution**, you will be asked to paste your script into that field – the script is generated from your iubenda account dashboard when you activate the solution. For more information on how to activate the Cookie Solution, see this article (https://www.iubenda.com/en/help/1177-cookie-solution-getting-started#banner).
* At this point the plugin will begin to show your banner on which displays the legal text, the consent options and your cookie policy (link) to users who visit the site for the first time. No need for other configurations;
* Furthermore, the plugin automatically recognizes and blocks cookies that get installed via an extensive list of services such as the YouTube video player, social widgets (e.g the Facebook Like Box) etc. on your site. The full list is included in the “details” above.
* Important note: Scripts can only be automatically blocked when generated from the server side (therefore processed by PHP via WordPress). Scripts that are added to the page via Javascript after page load must be blocked manually. Thankfully, this is fairly easy to do via the Custom Scripts field in the plugin console. Simply enter the custom script or iframe sources you'd like to block within the field, and click on the save changes button. You can find details, examples and further information [here](https://www.iubenda.com/en/help/1215-cookie-solution-wordpress-plugin-installation-guide#blocking-custom-scripts).
* If you’d like to manually block a specific script using a manual “wrap” method, you can use the following: