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Requires at least: 5.0
Requires PHP: 5.6
Tested up to: 5.3
Stable tag: 2.0.0
License: GNU General Public License v2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

== Description ==
Power Magazine is clean, well structured, sparkling, user-friendly, flexible, dynamic and attention-grabbing WordPress Magazine Theme with a sleek feel that's perfect for news sites, editorial websites and online magazines. It comes up with the colorful look, built with the latest design trends and highly adjustable theme customizer that lets you customize the appearance of the theme: menu, logo, background and so on.

Besides, the theme is packed with myriad features and custom widgets that are really efficient and super user-friendly in order to focus on your job with no coding skills, are some of its strong features and make your news or magazines catch everyone’s eyes and stand out to be the best among others. Power Magazine is fully responsive and looks good on all devices either mobile or desktop. Endless amounts of custom sliders, as well as carousels, can easily be deployed in an instant, showcasing your featured reviews or articles or keeping your pages dynamic with attractive image galleries. The theme offers several layout options for the news section.

By Default, Power Magazine includes the social media icons you might expect such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn. This helps to keep your customers or client apprised of your recent happening and reach out to your potential customers.


== Installation ==

1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the Add New button.
2. Click Upload Theme and Choose File, then select the theme's .zip file. Click Install Now.
3. Click Activate to use your new theme right away.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Does this theme support any plugins? =

Power Magazine includes support for Infinite Scroll in Jetpack.

== License ==

Power Magazine WordPress Theme, Copyright (C) 2019, Themes 404
Power Magazine is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL

The exceptions to license are as follows:
Font Awesome, maintained by Dave Gandy: SIL OFL 1.1
https://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome FontAwesome 4.7.0 Copyright 2012 Dave Gandy Font License: SIL OFL 1.1 Code License: MIT License http://fontawesome.io/license/

JS Files
navigation JS: MIT Licenses

Skip link focus fix JS: MIT Licenses

jquery meanmenu: MIT License

Theia Sticky Sidebar Js :MIT license

ResizeSensor Js: MIT

Magnific Popup Js: MIT

Isotope Js : GNU GPL license v3

Imagesloaded pkgd js: MIT license

Slick Js: MIT license

== Screenshots ==
Image used in screenshot
https://stocksnap.io/photo/9A933OOWW6 [CC0] (https://stocksnap.io/license)
http://pickupimage.com/free-photos/dog/2352634#.XP9RyVwzbIV [CC0]
https://skitterphoto.com/photos/1081/f-15c-eagle-florida-ang-leeuwarden-frisian-flag-april-2015 [CC0] https://skitterphoto.com/license)

Other images in screenshot are self created and all are under CCO.
sidebar-left.png self created CCO
sidebar-no.png self created CCO
sidebar-right.png self created CCO
search-icon.png self created CCO
subscribe-icon.png self created CCO
https://stocksnap.io/photo/RDHCSMZPFF [CC0] (https://stocksnap.io/license)

PHP File
Breadcrumb Trail:

TGM Plugin Activation

Upsell( Customizer Pro )

== Changelog ==
= 2.0.0 - Dec 10 2019 =
* Fixed Typo issue.
* Tested upto 5.3

= 1.0.9 - Oct 19 2019 =
* Added options for sticky sidebar.
* Added Keyboard navigation
* Added upsell button

= 1.0.8 - August 29 2019 =
* Added Options for slider.

= 1.0.7 - August 1 2019 =
* Added title with widget_title filter

= 1.0.6 - July 22 2019 =
* Added License for image used in screenshot.
* Update pot file.
* Fixed escaping issue.

= 1.0.5 - July 15 2019 =
* Added header image options.
* Remove unwanted file and function
* Fixed Translation issue.

= 1.0.4 - July 12 2019 =
* Added License of Slick js
* Fixed escaping issue.

= 1.0.3 - July 09 2019 =
* Remove mCustomScollbar

= 1.0.2 - July 04 2019 =
* Added non minified file for js

= 1.0.1 - July 03 2019 =
* Added Theme Options for layout
* Fixed design isuess.

= 1.0.0 - June 12 2019 =
* Initial release

== Credits ==

* Based on Underscores https://underscores.me/, (C) 2012-2017 Automattic, Inc., [GPLv2 or later](https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html)
* normalize.css https://necolas.github.io/normalize.css/, (C) 2012-2016 Nicolas Gallagher and Jonathan Neal, [MIT](https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT)

Power Magazine Theme
Price: FREE

Power Magazine is clean, well structured, sparkling, user-friendly, flexible, dynamic and attention-grabbing WordPress Magazine Theme with a sleek feel that's perfect for news sites, editorial websites and online magazines.

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