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Contributors: ThemeGrill, shivapoudel
Tags: social, media, icons, brands, widget, social networking, social media, social icon, social icons, social profile, social icon widget, shortcode
Requires at least: 4.7
Tested up to: 5.2.2
Stable tag: 1.7.2
License: GPLv3
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Social Icons provides you with an easy way to display various popular social icons via widgets and shortcode

== Description ==

Social Icons provides you with an easy way to display various popular social icons via widgets and shortcodes. You can drag the widget in your sidebars and change the settings from the widget form itself. Also you can use the shortcode and paste it on your page, post or wherever you like

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### Icons

Icons are provided by [socicon]( icon font.

### Features And Options:

* Supports more than 200+ popular social icons.
* Drag and drop for icon sorting.
* Option to easily change icon size.
* Supports square, rounded and greyscale background.
* Shortcode to render the icons on page, post.
* Different icon grouping for different location on your site.
* More features coming on updates.

== Installation ==

1. Install the plugin either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server (in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory).
2. Activate the ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

= Automatic installation =

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of Social Icons, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Social Icons” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our demo importer plugin you can view details about it such as the the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

= Manual installation =

The manual installation method involves downloading our social icon plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains [instructions on how to do this here](

= Updating =

Automatic updates should work like a charm; as always though, ensure you backup your site just in case.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= What is the plugin license? =

* This plugin is released under a GPL license.

= Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project? =

Bugs can be reported either in our support forum or preferably on the [GitHub repository](

= Social Icons is awesome! Can I contribute? =

Yes you can! Join in on our [GitHub repository]( :)

== Screenshots ==

1. Social Icons Widget Form.
2. Social Icons Slick Frontend.
3. Social Icons Data Panel
4. Social Icons Admin Panel

== Changelog ==

= 1.7.2 - 20/06/2019 =
* Feature - Add option to have the social links nofollow relation.

= 1.7.0 - 09/01/2018 =
* Fix - Support multiple social profile links.
* Fix - Socicon icon font updated to version 3.6.

[See changelog for all versions](

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 1.7.0 =
1.7.0 is a minor update. Make a full site backup, update your theme and extensions, and ensure they are compatible before upgrading.

Social Icons Plugin
Price: FREE

Social Icons provides you with an easy way to display various popular social icons via widgets and shortcodes.

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