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Requires at least: 4.5
Tested up to: 5.3
Stable tag: 1.71

Tracks is a bold, beautiful, and responsive theme.

== Description ==

Tracks is perfect for personal blogs, magazines, and photography websites. It includes a logo uploader, over 50+ social media icons, search bar, comment display controls, premium layouts, and more. Tracks has a dark, simple, and minimalist design that makes it great for publish both text and image based content. Use it for a travel blog, online newspaper, video site, or podcast. As a free theme, you can use Tracks for as many projects as you’d like.

**Live Demo**

View a fully-setup live demo of Tracks here: [Live demo](


Tracks comes with the following features:

* Custom logo
* Tagline display control
* Social media icons
* Search bar
* Post meta display controls
* Comment display controls
* Custom footer text
* Custom excerpt length
* Lazy loading
* Additional options

**Tracks Pro**

Tracks also has an upgrade called Tracks Pro that comes with the following features:

* 4 new layouts
* Custom colors
* Flexible header image
* Featured Videos
* Featured Sliders
* Background images
* Background textures
* Page-specific background images

Tracks Theme
Price: FREE

Tracks is perfect for personal blogs, magazines, and photography websites.

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