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Tags: admin, access, member area, members, member, member access, page, pages, post, posts, private, privacy, restrict, user, user access manager, user management
Requires at least: 4.7
Tested up to: 5.0
Stable tag: 2.1.12

With the "User Access Manager"-plugin you can manage the access to your posts, pages and files.

== Description ==

The “User Access Manager”-plugin for Wordpress allows you to manage the access of your content. This is useful if you need a member area, a private section at your blog or you want that other people can write at your blog but not everywhere. Including all post type (post, pages etc.), taxonomies (categories etc.) and files by creating user groups. Just assign the content you want to restrict und and your registered users which should have a access to a group. From now on the content is only accessible and writable for the specified group.

Feature list

* User groups
* Set separate access for readers and editors
* Set access by user groups
* Set default user groups
* Set time based access
* User-defined post type (posts, pages etc.) title (if no access)
* User-defined post type (posts, pages etc.) text (if no access)
* Optional login form (if no access)
* User-defined comment text (if no access)
* Hide complete post types (posts, pages etc.)
* Hide elements in the navigation
* Redirecting users to other pages (if no access)
* Recursive locking of content
* Limited access to uploaded files
* Full integrated at the admin panel
* Multilingual support
* Also protect your rss feeds
* Give access by IP-address
* Plugin-Api to use the User Access Manager in your on plugins or extend other plugins
* [UAMPPE]( like behaviour is now build in (Expect negation like !groupName and showprivate and shownotauthorized parameter)

Included languages

See [](

The documentation can be found here: [](
Please report bugs and feature requests here: [](
If you are a developer and want to contribute please visit [](
For general questions, like how to setup, best practice and so on please use the support thread here (don't post issues here): [](
To stay up-to-date follow me on twitter: [GMAlex on Twitter](

== Installation ==

1. Upload the full directory, with the folder, into your wp-content/plugins directory
1. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
1. Enjoy

== Changelog ==

Here you found the changes in each version.

Version Date Changes

2.1.12 2019/01/08 Fix multi site file handling issue. #222

2.1.11 2018/03/16 Fix missing got_mod_rewrite function. #212
Fix wrong media urls. #207
Fix wrong post counts at the admin panel.
Improve database updates/repairs.

2.1.10 2017/12/15 Fix Posts removed from WP_Query results in Ajax requests for unprivileged users #176
Improve partly download handler
Suppress errors on file delivery
Improve error handling
Change blog switch handling. fixes #194
Fix wrong parameter name. fixes #191
Improve user group sorting. closes #180
Add new redirect type to the login page. closes #155
Add dynamic user groups for exclude object calculation. closes #181
Add filter for getUserUserGroupsForObjectAccess. closes #157
Make it possible to set a default group for new media files.
2.1.9 2017/11/18 Add show content before tag option for all post types
Fix js time input issue
Fix small prepare query issue
Don't switch to edit mode after user group creation #171
Add sortable columns for user groups list #172
Show no access image again instead of broken image
Fix double user group form for media files
Add option to hide the edit page option if the user doesn't have the right to edit this page #174
2.1.8 2017/11/07 Add getter for the user group handler fixes #160
Fix multi site file handling issue #159
2.1.7 2017/11/01 Improve database update prompt fixes #153
Fix user group selection not saved when adding a new user issue fixes #154
Add none read access option for user groups closes #144
Extend file settings
Add xsendfile support
2.1.6 2017/10/20 Fix "Inherited group membership for media attachments" issue #133
Fix traits strict warning #145
2.1.5 2017/10/12 Refactor traits
Fix datetime issue with not supported browsers
2.1.4 2017/10/10 Fix strict warnings #134
Fix "Unable to select default user group for both page and post" issue #126
Add NGINX reverse proxy handling #117
Improve code
Fix bulk edit issue #135
Fix array filly issue #138
Add database repair tool
2.1.3 2017/09/18 Possible fix for custom post types / taxonomies issues
Fix .htaccess deletion issue
2.1.2 2017/09/17 Fix issue with not handled taxonomies #123
2.1.1 2017/09/16 Fix issue for users with small innodb page size #121
2.1.0 2017/09/15 Refactor code
Implement content tags for partly restriction like UAMPPE #84
Add default user groups
Add time based access
Add dynamic user groups #64
Implement caching #75
Allow html as no access content #63 #93
Optimize settings screen #61
Support of partial download #118
Add option to toggle visibility of assigned groups text next to the edit link #111
Fix incorrectly retrieving of a ID for attachments/media #116

2.0.13 2017/07/26 Add ipv6 support - Fix issue #97
Change "Hide Comments" logic - Fix issue #100
Fix rewrite base issue - Fix issue #107 and #103
Fix vsprintf warning - Fix issue #105
Fix Relevanssi compatibility issue
Fix missing feature picture if file locking is disabled

2.0.12 2017/06/16 Fix media file group issue #74
Fix broken file includes / excludes
Fix wordpress filter issue
Fix access to own post #95

2.0.11 2017/05/18 Fix FrontendController::postsPreQuery() expected to be a reference, value given error

2.0.10 2017/05/17 Fix issue of not saved groups #74
Adjust password lost link #79
Improve attachment access checks #78
Fix not working redirect

2.0.9 2017/05/13 Improve security #76

2.0.8 2017/05/08 Fix missing rss feed if protection is disabled #68

2.0.7 2017/05/07 Fix category tree issues #59
Fix mysql database errors on strict mode #60
Fix possible path issue
Remove settings for post_format post type (which is used for internal propose)
Fix wrong database update prompt
Fix issue with asgaros from #66

2.0.6 2017/04/28 Improve http error codes #24
Fix wrong url on windows servers #53
Fix missing install routine #51

2.0.5 2017/04/27 Fix switch_to_blog issue
Fix file handling issues

2.0.4 2017/04/26 Adjust code so that php version is checked before throwing a fatal error
Improve login form #26
Fix soliloquy slider incompatibility #31
Improve performance #41

2.0.3 2017/04/25 Fix compatibility issue with CMS Tree Page View plugin #37
Fix compatibility issue with SEO Redirection plugin #38
Fix Error thrown: Class 'WP_Site_Query' not found issue #36

2.0.2 2017/04/24 Fix wp_get_current_user() error #34
Fix custom post save issue after database update #33

2.0.1 2017/04/23 Fix dbDelta issue on activation

2.0.0 2017/04/23 Refactoring of the module
Improve performance
Full support for custom post and taxonomies.
Use for translations
Many improvements and fixes

1.2.14 2017/01/07 Fix IP access issue.
Some small optimization.

1.2.13 2017/01/04 Fix tag count issue.

1.2.12 2017/01/03 Fix tag issue.
Improve usability of the setup page.

1.2.11 2017/01/02 Restore hide categories behaviour.

1.2.10 2017/01/02 Improve mysql query to prevent against possible collations issue.

1.2.9 2017/01/01 Fix wrong category count.
Hide pages without access at the administration panel.
Fix redirect problems.

1.2.8 2016/12/31 Fix wrong term behavior for the backend.
Require at least PHP 5.3 2016/12/28 Fix ip restriction issue.
Fix missing categories issue. 2016/12/27 Improve taxonomy handling.
Improve performance.
Add missing wp-cli.php file.
Refactor config handling.
Fix Yoast SEO Plugin issue.
Some other small fixes. 2016/12/08 Fix some issues related to Wordpress 4.7 2016/12/08 Fix empty category issue. 2016/12/07 Hot fix for Wordpress 4.7 2016/12/04 Remove deprecated function get_currentuserinfo 2016/11/30 Add experimental nginx support
Fix redirect issue (Thanks to Laurence Shaw for the hint and James Riordon for the fix) 2016/10/07 Again a security fix 2016/10/06 Security fix 2016/08/15 Security fix
Add Yoast SEO Plugin filter. Thanks to Christian Werner 2016/03/17 Security fix 2015/03/09 Hide UAM at the backend from normal users.
Change IP range logic. Thanks to Takanashi
Fix issue with roles. 2015/03/02 Fix install/update missing table issue. 2015/02/26 Fix database update issue. 2015/02/25 Fix database update for multi sites.
Fix array_keys warning.
Fix redirect loop. 2015/02/24 Fix not removable role affiliation issue. 2015/02/24 Remove deprecated php function mysql_get_server_info().
Change object_id from varchar 11 to varchar 255.
Fix backslashes issue. 2015/02/11 Remove unnecessary js library.
Merge changes from Thanks for contribution. 2013/12/13 Improve performance. Thanks to all testers.
Add bulk edit feature. 2013/05/08 Fix redirect if page is hidden and permalink is active issue.
Fix no access issue. 2013/05/08 Fix pagination issue. Thanks to arjenbreur.
Fix comment issue. Thanks to jpr105.
Redirect if post/page is hidden and permalink is active.
Change icon. 2013/05/06 Fix broken images issue.
Fix duplicated key issue.
Filter file types.
Use wordpress mime types instead of the config array.

1.2.4 2013/05/01 Fix add column issue.
Fix install bug.
Fix error if no user is logged in. Thanks to Robert Egger and akiko.pusu.
Fix media file issue.
Optimize code. 2013/05/01 Fix terms issue.

1.2.3 2013/04/30 Fix Fatal 'error: Call-time pass-by-reference' error.
Fix 'get_userdata() is not defined' error. Thanks to ranwaldo.
Refactor many variable names to fit new coding style.

1.2.2 2011/04/03 Speed improvements.
Fix get_term bug.
Fix category bug

1.2.1 2011/10/11 Fix uninstall bug.
Add capability 'manage_user_groups'. Thanks to Tim Okrongli
Some small improvements.

1.2 2011/06/19 Add custom post types.
Fix CSRF issue. Thanks to Luke Crouch

1.1.4 2010/10/19 Fix error on custom post types
Add warning for PHP version lower than 5.0

1.1.3 2010/10/09 Add tag filter
Fix media file bug for multisites
Fix ip access bug
Improve redirecting code
Speed up

1.1.2 2010/10/04 Fix read/write access bug
Add recursive looking for posts page option
Improve network activation/update
Add hooks for login bar
Prepare for NextGEN Gallery extension 2010/09/29 Fix bug that a usergroup for a user wasn't saved 2010/09/29 Fix T_DNUMBER bug

1.1.1 2010/09/29 Fix custom menu bug
Fix quick edit bug
Fix undefined object bug
Extend admin hint

1.1 2010/09/28 Add plugin api
Optimized code
Improve content filtering
Fix bug that user groups can't removed from element
Fix empty category bug
Fix pre/next post bug
Fix login form bug
Fix redirect bug
Fix some other small bugs

1.0.2 2010/07/24 Remove debugging code
Fix file download bug

1.0.1 2010/07/24 Fix bug that only one user can be a member of a user group
Fix bug for recursive locking for categories

1.0 2010/07/22 Fix array_merge bug at media page
Reorder some admin options
Add some new admin functions
Speed it up
Disable file locking by default

1.0 Beta 2 2010/07/13 Fix performance issues
Fix media gallery issues
Fix category bug
Fix not loaded translation
Remove some unused functions

1.0 Beta 2010/07/09 Complete rewrite
Some new options to improve the functions 2010/06/23 Hotfix for Wordpress 3.0 2009/07/17 Fix "header already send"-Problem with Wordpress 2.8.1
Add option to set level with full access 2009/03/29 Fix some path problems
Add a reset function
Rename menu at admin panel 2009/03/26 Fix the empty category issue

0.9.1 2009/03/26 Fix the database problem
Fix feed bug. Thanks to Markus Brinkmann
Fix wrong javascript path

0.9 2009/03/24 Add login form
Add option to show text bevor tag
Fix write access issues
Fix file issues
Small fixes 2009/03/09 Add French language file
Delete .htaccess files on deactivation/uninstall 2009/03/06 Small fix

0.8 2009/03/05 Add write access control
Add support down to 2.6
Better file access control
Code optimization - Plugin became faster
Fix the category bug
Small fixes 2009/02/13 Small fixes

0.7 2009/02/13 Fix: All known Bugs of the beta
Add ajax for more comfort
Add language support

0.7 Beta 2009/01/05 Fix: Problems with media at posts
Fix: Many other small fixes
Only support up to Wordpress 2.7
Better integration

0.62 2008/12/18 Fix: Fatal error: Only variables can
be passed by reference. Thanks to David Thompson

0.61 2008/12/17 Fix: Wrong file id in Media Library

0.6 2007/12/14 First release.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

See: [](

== Screenshots ==

1. The group manger.
2. The setting screen
3. The setup screen.
4. Integration into post overview.

User Access Manager Plugin
Price: FREE

The “User Access Manager”-plugin for Wordpress allows you to manage the access of your content.

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