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Requires PHP: 5.4
Requires at least: 4.6
Tested up to: 5.3.2
Stable tag: 24.0
License: GPLv3
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The best drag & drop website builder for WordPress. Professional templates, elements, and add-ons - all you need to create a beautiful website.

== Description ==

**Brand new Visual Composer made entirely from scratch!** No more [shortcodes] hell, content locking, or performance compromises. Get the best page builder for your website.

Visual Composer Website Builder is an intuitive drag and drop editor that gives you powerful tools and assets to create a professional WordPress site. Rich library of assets - Visual Composer Hub offers 250+ Templates and Elements, Add-ons, Header, Footer builder, and more.


With a drag and drop editor, you can build new layouts or customize existing ones. There is no limit to the variety of layouts, you have complete freedom in creating the most complex website designs.

**No Coding Skills Required**: You do not have to be a professional website developer to make your own website. The website builder is designed for you to create web pages without any coding skills. Simply select the page template and drag elements across the canvas.

**Instant Content Update**: The live design and inline editing allow you to instantly see all the changes you make to your page. A true *What You See Is What You Get* experience! You can play with the page design until you find the perfect one. Change colors, customize options and parameters, and see the result instantly.

**Works With Any WordPress Theme**: Visual Composer works with any WordPress theme. You can change the themes to your liking, it will not affect your content. What's more, the built-in theme builder allows you to override your theme's default settings.


Visual Composer Hub, a cloud-based marketplace allows you to download elements, templates, and add-ons on demand. Visual Composer team ads new content to the library on a weekly basis making it an evergreen assets repository. You can add all these assets to your page without leaving the editor. What's inside the [Visual Composer Hub](

* **Content Elements**: Slideshows, Tabs, Video, Testimonials, Buttons, Menu, and many more elements can be found in the Visual Composer Hub for free downloading to use anywhere on your page. The appearance, styles, and attributes of the elements can be changed as you wish.

* **Templates**: There are different category templates available for any web project. Templates for a portfolio and business website, online store, landing page, and others. Simply download ready-made templates, content blocks, sidebars, footers, headers or sections and replace them with your own content.

* **Add-ons**: Extensions allow you to enhance your Visual Composer experience with advanced add-ons. Global Templates, Import/Export, Gutenberg Block template, and others.

* **Free Stock Images**: Get free Unsplash stock photos straight from the Visual Composer editor. The stock images can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

* **Endless Design Options**: Website builder includes powerful design options that allow beginners and experts to create unique page designs. Make custom background effects, take advantage of modern parallax background, control paddings, margins, borders, and radius of any element.


Visual Composer is an all-in-one plugin that lets you make beautiful websites from header to footer. You can create custom page layouts in a code-free way. [Make unique header, footer and sidebar templates]( to use them throughout your entire WordPress site with the help of Global templates. Additionally, there's a Dynamic Content feature that allows you design templates with dynamic content placeholders (*devs will love it*).


Being responsive today is essential. Visual Composer makes sure that your website is automatically responsive. Nevertheless, you can adjust the look, width, and behaviour to your site for every device: mobile, tablet, and desktop.


Visual Composer is compatible with other popular plugins, offering compatibility elements inside its asset library. This means that you can insert these and more plugins directly from the front-end editor:

* WooCommerce
* Contact Form 7
* Gutenberg
* Advanced Custom Fields
* MailChimp for WordPress
* WP Forms
* wpDataTables
* and more


Visual Composer is not only for the front-end users. With its API in front, developers can integrate the editor in WordPress themes, build extensions, and create custom tools for clients.

**Resources for Visual Composer API**:

* [API Documentation](
* [Custom Element & Add-on Development](
* [Theme Integration](
* [Staging Environment](

**Contributors & Developers**

If you want to contribute to the development of the Visual Composer plugin, visit the [Visual Composer GitHub Repository]( and help with your knowledge.


Visual Composer team provides one-on-one email support that is available to Visual Composer Premium users. However, all Visual Composer users can ask for help in the forum, find answers in our Help Center, or ask for advice to other Visual Composer users in our community.

**Where To Look For Support?**

* Visual Composer [Help Center](
* Facebook [Community](
* support section
* Real-person [Dedicated Support]( (*available for Premium users*)


* Learn about Visual Composer from tutorials on [YouTube](
* Join our community on [Slack](
* Follow us on Facebook and join our lovely [community](

**>> Discover All The Benefits of [Visual Composer Website Builder](**

== Installation ==

Visual Composer can be installed like any other regular WordPress plugin either by uploading the zip file or install it straight from the plugin repository inside the WordPress admin. Once installed, click 'Activate Plugin' to finish the installation.

You can now use Visual Composer Website Builder on your site:
* Go to Pages or Posts
* Choose 'Add New with Visual Composer'

In order to receive additional elements, templates, and extensions it is recommended to activate **Visual Composer Hub**. A cloud marketplace for downloading additional elements, templates, and extensions.

**Visual Composer Hub Activation**

After plugin installation, open your WordPress admin panel and do the following:

* Open your WordPress admin panel;
* Hover over Visual Composer in the left side menu and choose Getting Started;
* Select Create New Page;
* Open the Visual Composer Hub;
* Click on the Get Started button at the top;
* Select Activate Free;

More information and tutorial videos on [how to activate Visual Composer Hub](

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= What is the difference between Visual Composer Website Builder and WPBakery Page Builder? =

Although they are different site builders, both Visual Composer and WPBakery are designed to allow WordPress users to build websites. However, the difference is the performance, functionality and the features that each of these builders offers. Visual Composer Website Builder allows you to build a complete website. Create custom page layouts, design unique headers, footers, and sidebars. For more information, here is a comparison of [Visual Composer Website Builder vs WPBakery Page Builder](

= Do I need a coding experience? =

No, not at all. Visual Composer is a good fit for both experts and beginners. With intuitive drag and drop interface and with a range of pre-designed templates and content elements you can convert your imagination into a real website.

= Does Visual Composer Website Builder work with any WordPress theme? =

What does “properly coded theme” means? A theme that follows official WordPress Codex rules and guidelines.

= Can I insert 3rd party shortcodes into Visual Composer Website Builder? =

Yes! Visual Composer Website Builder includes a shortcode element that allows you to add any 3rd party shortcode into your layout.

= Do you have a Premium version available? =

Yes! Premium version comes with world-class support and access to Visual Composer Hub. Where you can download additional elements and templates free of charge.

= What is the difference between the Free and Premium versions? =

Visual Composer free version is an ultimate page builder to get your web design project started. Visual Composer Premium unlocks a full website builder experience and gives you unlimited access to the Visual Composer Hub (a cloud marketplace of elements, templates, and extensions).

= Can I edit Header, Footer, and Sidebar? =

Yes! Header, Footer, Sidebar, and overall theme edit and design options are available in the Visual Composer Website Builder Premium version.

= Do you have an online community? =

Yes, we have an awesome online community that you can join to share your expertise, connect with power-users and Visual Composer core team –

== Screenshots ==
1. Easy-to-use drag and drop website builder - an intuitive editor that gives you design freedom and tools to create a beautiful website.
2. Visual Composer Hub - WordPress a cloud marketplace of elements, templates, and extensions.
3. The largest collection of Elements - ever-growing collection of content elements to build a professional website without coding.
4. Get online faster with designer-made templates for business, portfolio, online store, blog, and other types of websites.
5. WordPress Theme Builder - all-in-one tool to design your beautiful website from header to footer.
6. Mobile and desktop optimized editor for WordPress - create a mobile-friendly website from the start.
7. Endless WordPress site design options - build a website just the way you want it with powerful design options for beginners and pros.
8. Create any layouts fast and easy - Visual Composer is a pixel-perfect layout builder that helps to structure content the way you want it.

== Changelog ==

= 24.0 =
*Release Date - 2020-01-14*

#### Free:
- New: Delay option added to CSS Animations in Design Options
- Fix: Google Fonts search in TinyMCE size is correct
- Fix: Blank page bottom space size reduced
- Fix: Post and page permalinks work properly
- Fix: Editor type change works properly
- Fix: Inline controls have proper styling
- Fix: Global CSS is not removed
- Fix: Content saving works properly

#### Premium:
- New: New Account launched for license and subscription management
- New: New Premium activation mechanism launched with easier activation process
- New: Archive Page Editor to create custom archive page templates
- Update: Unsplash API updated
- Element: Faq Group element added
- Element: Link Dropdown element added
- Element: Star Testimonials element added
- Element: Shadow Pricing Table element added
- Element: Toggle Container element added
- Element: Content Slider element added
- Fix: Basic menu element has no extra space when collapsed
- Fix: Menu element size is calculated correctly
- Fix: Basic menu displayed properly in Safari
- Fix: Gutenberg editor compatibility improved
- Fix: Tabs with custom ids have proper links
- Fix: Multiple dropdown attribute works properly
- Fix: Template import works properly even if elements are missing
- Fix: Imported header can be added to the site
- Fix: Image slider works properly within accordions
- Fix: PublicJS files are not loaded twice

= 23.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-11-25*

#### Free:
- New: Google Fonts search and preview in TinyMCE editor
- Update: Settings panel width reduced in size to see the settings and content
- Fix: Using a proper wp-admin URL for staging sites
- Fix: Admin panel notices displayed properly
- Fix: Fontawesome categories and search works properly
- Fix: Background image radius works properly
- Fix: Animation effect works properly in Firefox

#### Premium:
- New: Dynamic Content is available in single image link selector
- Update: Option to edit the selected template in a Theme Template page
- Update: New premium activation flow with license input
- Fix: Dynamic content with HTML works properly in TinyMCE
- Fix: WooCommerce variable product page works properly
- Fix: Toolset custom fields displayed properly in Dynamic Content
- Fix: Dynamic Content works properly in Faq elements
- Fix: Mouse follow animation works properly in Preview mode
- Element: Star ranking element to display customer feedback
- Fix: Tilt parallax effect works properly after template import

= 22.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-10-18*

#### Free:
- Update: Settings window displayed in full width for a better user experience
- Update: Text domain updated to “visualcomposer” for proper translations
- Update: Custom element order updated and displayed after default elements
- Fix: Shortcode element works properly
- Fix: Settings save works properly
- Fix: Raw JS element works properly
- Fix: Element update works properly
- Fix: Save button display proper state upon save

#### Premium:
- New: Tilt parallax effects added to a row, column, and section Design Options
- New: Mouse follow parallax background added to a row, column, and section Design Options
- New: Dynamic content works with Toolset plugin
- New: Post Slider element available in Visual Composer Hub
- Update: Parallax controls moved to the separate section
- Update: Dynamic content works properly with Yoast SEO
- Update: Post grid elements can be replaced
- Fix: Dynamic content dropdown works properly
- Fix: Template export works properly
- Fix: Icons in message box display properly
- Fix: Post Grid with Box element works properly

= 21.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-10-01*

#### Free:
- Update: Parallax settings moved from Design Options to the separate section
- Update: Cache is cleared for the most popular plugins and hostings on the editor save
- Update: Unsplash featured image preview available for the free version users
- Fix: Gravity Forms, ACF, and WooCommerce works properly with Visual Composer

#### Premium:
- New: Dynamic Content is available in Link Selector
- Fix: Header and Footer settings display/hide properly

= 20.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-09-26*

#### Free:
- New: Plugin upload to plugin repository
- New: Templates are added to the editor page with smooth loading
- Update: Icon library sets updated
- Update: License updated from GPLv2 to GPLv3
- Update: Video autoplay options updated in the video elements
- Fix: System Status message works properly in WordPress Dashboard
- Fix: All Google Fonts work properly
- Fix: Column width works properly on iOS
- Fix: Free template downloading works properly
- Fix: Yoast SEO analyzes content properly

#### Premium:
- New: Maintenance mode controls to set site under maintenance
- New: Dynamic Content option is available for advanced elements with parameter groups
- New: Dynamic Content works with ACF in Global Templates
- Update: Dynamic Content works with RTL
- Fix: SoundCloud element Design Options works properly
- Fix: Visual Composer Widget element and Global Templates work without compatibility issues
- Fix: Sandwich menu square style displayed properly
- Fix: Simple Image Slider works properly
- Fix: Post grid elements work properly in the editor
- Fix: Post Grid buttons work properly with Dynamic Content

= 19.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-08-28*

- New: Dynamic Content UI/UX improvements and popup window
- New: Dynamic Content works for the param group attributes for complex elements
- New: Dynamic Content works with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
- New: All Dynamic Content fields are available in Global Templates
- New: Visual Composer automatically adjusts links after site migration
- Update: Dynamic Content grouping introduced in the field drop-down
- Update: Editor performance improvements
- Fix: Single Image sizes works properly
- Fix: Background image works properly with Dynamic Content featured image
- Fix: Dynamic Content does not cause Fatal error for WordPress version lower than 5.0
- Fix: Visual Composer works properly with URLs in Multisite
- Fix: Visual Composer works properly with Polylang when editing the home page
- Fix: System reset does not remove downloaded elements
- Fix: Countdown timer date attribute works properly

= 18.2 =
*Release Date - 2019-08-15*

- Fix: Image display works properly
- Fix: Post data fetch for dynamic content works properly

= 18.1 =
*Release Date - 2019-08-14*

- Fix: Text block editing does not cause the editor error
- Fix: Range attribute updates properly
- Fix: TinyMCE controls are available in Classic Editor
- Fix: Tabs element works correctly in Global Template
- Fix: Text Block TinyMCE text mode handleChange works properly
- Fix: WooCommerce product dimensions are displayed properly in dynamic content

= 18.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-08-08*

- New: Dynamic content feature to replace static content with WordPress fields (ex. post titles, featured images, author name, etc.)
- New: Dynamic content feature to replace static content with WordPress custom fields
- New: API for dynamic content introduced to add this option to custom elements
- New: Dynamic content integration with WooCommerce
- New: Unsplash library access available in the Media Library
- New: Data list attributed added and available for custom elements via API
- Update: Single Image element improved
- Update: Global element CSS split to reduce the size and improve performance
- Update: Custom filter added to support block nesting
- Fix: Free predefined templates updated properly
- Fix: Full width works properly on iPad with Safari 4
- Fix: Compatibility with Contact Form 7 improved to avoid duplication issues
- Fix: YouTube cover image is displayed properly in the video elements
- Fix: Element controls work properly
- Fix: Template description name is displayed properly
- Fix: Self-hosted video background on mobile
- Fix: Border Radius and Gradient
- Fix: Update Icon Libraries
- Fix: Full path disclosure in add-on output fixed
- Fix: Global Elements CSS file url option works properly

= 17.2 =
*Release Date - 2019-05-09*

- Fix: Control hover states work properly
- Fix: PCSS mixins working properly for Post Grid elements
- Fix: Unsplash stock image download works properly

= 17.1 =
*Release Date - 2019-04-24*

- Fix: Slug option controls doesn't overwrite the default slug
- Fix: Instagram filters apply properly

= 17.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-04-15*

- New: Set and change slug (permalink) in Visual Composer
- New: Spanish translation added
- New: Swedish translation added
- Update: Editor controls respond to clicks for a better user experience
- Update: Editor loads faster for pages with a large amount of content
- Update: Share buttons added to the Visual Composer About page
- Fix: Column margins are applied correctly
- Fix: Option to set custom header and footer for product categories available
- Fix: Param group works properly with inner elements and nesting
- Fix: Template import sends fewer requests

= 16.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-03-27*

- New: Unsplash stock image library integration with Visual Composer Hub
- New: Shadow Box option added to the container elements in Design Options
- New: Blank Page allows specify the page title
- Update: License re-activation for the same site simplified
- Update: Editor controls updated for performance
- Fix: Theme editor works properly with multisite
- Fix: Column margin applied properly
- Fix: Missing server extensions deactivate plugin to avoid errors

= 15.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-03-14*

- New: Visual Composer Template block for Gutenberg
- Update: Drag and drop functionality improved
- Update: Editor performance improvements
- Update: Assets storage removed after inline editing and drag and drop for performance
- Update: The Persian language pack added to the editor
- Fix: Row copy/paste doesn’t affect row layout
- Fix: Gutenberg editor sidebar available in Visual Composer Gutenberg block
- Fix: Device icons displayed properly in attribute
- Fix: Tab title applied properly
- Fix: Header and Footer global controls applied properly for backward compatibility

= 14.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-03-04*

- New: Option to apply custom headers and footers to all site, specific post types, or default WordPress pages
- New: Ability to activate Visual Composer Premium on staging and live environments with the same license
- Update: Bulgarian translation added
- Update: Theme default value added to the font family drop-down in TinyMCE
- Update: Element attribute excluding mechanism added to the Visual Composer API
- Update: Miscellaneous category is set as default category for elements
- Fix: Plugin update popup has a proper information
- Fix: Element widget works properly with field method action
- Fix: Radio button attribute works properly
- Element: Search Widget element

= 13.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-02-25*

- New: New inline editor with more text formatting options
- New: Calendar attribute added to the plugin
- New: Google Fonts, font weight, letter spacing, and line height added to the TinyMCE editor
- Update: ReactJs version updated to 16.8
- Fix: Compatibility with WPForms
- Fix: Adding row does not break row order
- Fix: Assets are not missing for custom elements
- Fix: Video Player autoplay works properly
- Fix: Block template type added to template window drop-down
- Fix: Instagram element works properly
- Fix: CSS animation does not create horizontal scroll

= 12.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-02-04*

- New: Blocks templates introduced in Visual Composer Hub
- New: Category choice for custom post types in post grid element
- Update: Element naming UI updated
- Update: Element edit window section UI updated
- Fix: Global templates work properly in the editor
- Fix: Blank page title capitalization
- Fix: Template Export/Import add-on working properly
- Element: Testimonials element
- Element: Hover image element

= 11.0 =
*Release Date - 2019-01-16*

- New: System Status page and requirement auto-check added to the plugin
- New: Global Javascript can be added for the header and footer
- Update: Elements can be added to page by dragging them from Add Element window to the bottom placeholder
- Update: Blank Page update with template selection option
- Update: TinyMCE full controls are opened by default for elements
- Update: Performance improvements for initial editor load
- Update: Editor UI font update for better readability
- Update: Optimized icon library loading
- Update: Checkbox and Radio buttons added as an attribute option for the API
- Fix: Video background with parallax works properly in Preview mode
- Fix: Compatibility improved with WPML
- Fix: Disable 'Gutenberg' option works for all WordPress user roles
- Fix: Compatibility with plugin Contact Form 7 Style
- Fix: Video embed works with copy/paste within TinyMCE editor
- Fix: Progress bar element values are displayed properly
- Fix: Envira Gallery compatibility improved for the latest versions

= 10.0 =
*Release Date - 2018-11-26*

* New: Basic editor elements added to the plugin .zip file
* New: Radial gradient added to the Design Options
* Update: New Visual Composer logo added
* Update: Visual Composer Hub UI update
* Update: User Interface for element and template search results
* Update: Simplified plugin activation mechanism
* Update: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.0
* Update: Compatibility with Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0
* Update: Optimized plugin .zip file
* Update: Authorization token removed for the Free version to simplify activation
* Update: Activation of the plugin available via Visual Composer Hub
* Update: Amount of activation related requests minimized for better performance
* Update: Error handling mechanism improvements to track possible activation failures
* Fix: Template can be added to the page after update
* Fix: BeTheme compatibility improvements for editor loading in Safari
* Fix: Template update renew media files within the template if necessary
* Fix: Visual Composer Hub teaser is updated after Premium activation
* Fix: Styles of the editor are applied correctly
* Fix: Basic menu works properly without sandwich menu element download
* Fix: TinyMCE display external plugin options in Frontend editor
* Fix: Global template preview contains assets
* Fix: Global Gallery works properly in Visual Composer
* Fix: Custom CSS/JS in Settings not missing border
* Fix: Console error for Safari fixed
* Fix: Controls border is rounded
* Fix: Template can be added to the page right after download
* Content Elements: Side Post Grid element added to the Visual Composer Hub
* Content Element: News Post Grid element added to the Visual Composer Hub
* Content Element: Grow Shadow Button element added to the Visual Composer Hub
* Content Element: Social Profile Icons added to the Visual Composer Hub

= 2.12.1 =
*Release Date - 2018-10-16*

* Fix: Single Image does not remove all elements
* Fix: Page builder detection disabled

= 2.12 =
*Release Date - 2018-10-11*

* Update: Optimized the plugin by using default WordPress code editor
* Update: SlideOut Post Grid element button is defined as a section
* Update: CSS attributes are rebuilt on-demand
* Update: Drag and drop logic optimized for performance
* Update: Classic editor button removed if the page builder is activated
* Update: PHP download controllers optimized
* Update: PostCSS code optimized
* Update: Ability to insert an element into already nested element via API
* Fix: Editor does not overwrite fonts of WordPress theme
* Fix: Image placeholders removed for post grid elements
* Fix: Google Fonts loaded with subsets
* Fix: Custom CSS editor correctly removes backslashes on save
* Fix: Category pages source-css not enqueued
* Fix: Drag and drop helper works correctly in Tree View attribute
* Fix: Hover box elements working on IOS mobile devices
* Fix: Flip Box issue on mobile
* Fix: 'Onclick action' link selector works properly
* Fix: Initial editor Ajax loading fixed
* Fix: Layout calculations performed properly
* Fix: Backward compatibility works properly in the sandwich menu
* Fix: Jetpack does not break WordPress TinyMCE
* Fix: Nested elements contain proper image data
* Fix: Sandwich menu closes after clicking on an item
* Fix: Default margin-bottom placeholder added to the Basic Menu in Design Options
* Fix: Design Options for WooCommerce elements work properly
* Fix: Post Update does not break Global CSS and Design Options
* Fix: Design options works for WooCommerce elements
* Fix: Gutenberg saving does not add additional brackets
* Fix: Row stretching displayed properly in Header and Footer editors
* Fix: Top Rated Products Order property of WooCommerce works properly
* Fix: All styles are applied to the theme section
* Fix: My Account property of WooCommerce has correct styles applied
* Fix: Masonry Image Gallery with Icon displayed properly on mobile

= 2.11 =
*Release Date - 2018-09-17*

* Update: CSS-cache issues eliminated by adding checksum to asset URL
* Update: Improved performance with editor style compilation on the initial editor load
* Update: Notification about 3rd party elements added to the element preview
* Update: Empty space element updated to accept various type of sizes
* Update: Visual Composer and page builder buttons are aligned in height
* Update: 'Lock' icon in the Visual Composer Hub opens Premium section of site
* Fix: Goodreads widget works properly
* Fix: Bold and Italic options of inline editor works properly with Total theme
* Fix: Compatibility with hosting environment
* Fix: 'Show on sticky' option works properly
* Fix: Inline editor works properly for paramGroup items
* Fix: Editor doesn't overwrite theme fonts
* Fix: Google Fonts are rendering properly on Safari
* Fix: Boxed template warnings removed
* Fix: Widgets ajaxForm attribute gets updated automatically
* Fix: Column styles are loaded properly on the public side
* Fix: TypeError window.vcvSandwichModal resolved
* Fix: Drag and Drop helper is added to 'Add Element'
* Fix: Template data loading working properly
* Fix: Pageable container work properly
* Fix: Row cssmixins (Design Options) are not called twice to improve performance
* Fix: vcvtitle and the_title hook
* Fix: Blank template for templates editor/import fixed
* Fix: 'Edit with Visual Composer' button is not displayed on WordPress Edit Menu
* Fix: Compatibility with Contact Form 7 redirection plugin
* Fix: Params group items work properly

= 2.10 =
*Release Date - 2018-08-09*

* Update: Page layout options updated to choose between boxed and stretched for all layouts
* Fix: Theme editor width works properly
* Fix: Checkbox attribute has proper styling
* Fix: Loading spinner displayed on template save
* Fix: Sticky option related to parent works properly with correct height calculations
* Fix: CSS animations work properly on IE11
* Fix: Header, Footer, Sidebar selector remembers state
* Fix: Element 'Hide' toggle is synchronized with the Tree View
* Fix: Slick slider library initialize properly within Pageable Container element

= 2.9 =
*Release Date - 2018-06-26*

* New: Row layout responsive settings to control column width and appearance on various devices
* New: Compatibility with wpDataTables plugin added
* New: Option to display sticky elements only when they become sticky
* Fix: Design Options values apply properly within Global Templates
* Fix: Custom element name apply properly for element controls
* Fix: Element hide option synchronised with the Tree view

= 2.8 =
*Release Date - 2018-06-18*

* New: Sticky row, column, and section option allows to fix on upon scroll and scroll the next row on top of it
* New: Compatibility with Caldera Forms plugin added
* New: API hooks added as a part of API implementation stage
* New: Ukrainian language po/mo files added to the plugin
* Update: Option to disable element and template image preview image and description
* Update: Global elements .css file is optimized for performance
* Fix: Woo Commerce page edit with Visual Composer
* Fix: Headers, Footers, and Sidebars can be used in Woo Commerce pages
* Fix: Design Options applies to proper tag within Section element
* Fix: Visual Composer works properly on Pantheon hosting

= 2.7 =
*Release Date - 2018-05-27*

* New: Import/Export Hub add-on for Visual Composer Premium to migrate templates between sites
* New: Template Widget Hub add-on for Visual Composer Premium template display in sidebar
* New: Button and Icon group elements to display buttons and icons inline
* New: Remove All options is added to the Tree view to delete all content with one click
* Update: Free and Premium sorting options in the Visual Composer Hub
* Update: Tree View interface optimized for multi-level layouts
* Update: Element dependancy mechanism enhanced to support element groups and inner elements
* Update: Option to remove header, footer, and sidebar for the Visual Composer page layouts
* Fix: Custom CSS styles applied properly for stretched button in advanced content elements
* Fix: Default video shortcode works in templates
* Fix: wp_remote_get function works properly in older WordPress versions
* Fix: Visibility toggle in Design Options display proper state
* Fix: Element animation in Design Options works for custom devices
* Fix: Undo removes whole element set of row, column, and element if they were added with one action
* Fix: Empty space element works properly on custom devices
* Fix: Post grid elements displayed properly on the home page
* Fix: Featured Image Post Grid element properly applies text and category colors
* Fix: Logo Slider element works properly with RTL

= 2.6.1 =
*Release Date - 2018-05-22*

* Fix: Tabs displayed properly in IE11
* Fix: Global templates element compatibility with the latest version
* Fix: Image gallery and Image masonry gallery downloaded with the template from the Hub
* Fix: WooCommerce compatibility improvements

= 2.6 =
*Release Date - 2018-05-21*

* New: Gutenberg element allows to insert Gutenberg editor blocks within Visual Composer layout
* New: Compatibility with Gutenberg editor introduced
* New: Option to disable Gutenberg editor via Visual Composer Settings
* Update: Header, Footer, and Sidebar Hub templates are displayed in Global Templates section
* Update: User Experience (UX) for Visual Composer editor via mobile devices improved
* Fix: Multiple posts selected in link selector with WPML
* Fix: Full height Row works properly in Global Templates

= 2.5 =
*Release Date - 2018-05-10*

* New: Rows can be copied and pasted after row, on blank pages, and into other rows
* New: Columns can be copied and pasted in rows
* New: Visual Composer Hub templates can be modified via Global Templates and creates a new copy of the template
* Update: Option to skip automatic post update after plugin update in case of an error
* Fix: Woocommerce Cart tab is compatible with Visual Composer
* Fix: Default shortcode values for Woo Commerce works properly
* Fix: Max width added to the Single Image element wrapper for IE browser compatibility
* Fix: Initial children settings moved to settings.json

= 2.4 =
*Release Date - 2018-04-24*

* New: Global Templates addon added to allow manage multiple instances of template from a single place
* New: New category 'Addons' added to the Visual Composer Hub
* Update: Post Grid elements instantly receive WordPress data after download from the Visual Composer Hub
* Update: Amount of editable objects debounced to improve performance of TinyMCE
* Update: Image Collage element size parameters updated with percentage helper
* Update: Template name and save mechanism updated for better performance
* Fix: Single Image element cropping adapted for Large size images
* Fix: Single Image element canvas resize apply correctly
* Fix: Synchronous transition on button hover effects for smooth animation
* Fix: Basic button custom hover colors apply correctly
* Fix: Header, Footer, and Sidebar template styles not overwritten by content styles
* Fix: Basic menu in Header templates displayed properly
* Fix: Device section of Design Options works properly on edit window resize
* Fix: Shape Divider apply to bottom correctly on FireFox
* Fix: Featured Image Post Grid image apply properly

= 2.3 =
*Release Date - 2018-04-05*

* Update: Single Image Element rebuilt for performance
* Update: Edit form inputs optimized in size for better usability
* Improve: Add, Move, and Clone operations improved for performance
* Fix: Post Grid Element Categories
* Fix: Shape divider is not affected by Balance tag from various themes
* Fix: Featured Image and Title are visible in FireFox
* Fix: Cross browser scripting errors removed
* Fix: Shape divider background color applied properly
* Fix: WPML compatibility improvements for language URL format
* Fix: URLs replaced on plugin reset option
* Fix: Show/Hide element toggle works properly
* Fix: Radius in Design Options applied to columns
* Fix: Row layout display for Edge 16
* Fix: Disable Title toggle switch displayed properly

= 2.2.1 =
*Release Date - 2018-03-23*

* Fix: Source css files doesn't enqueue
* Fix: Contributor role is allowed to create templates for Header, Footer, and Sidebar
* Fix: Post Grid titles don't have clickable links

= 2.2 =
*Release Date - 2018-03-22*

* Update: Add New with Visual Composer added to the navigation bar
* Update: Assets in multisite network are now independent
* Update: Reset option in Settings extended to auto-configure site path after migration
* Update: Assets are downloaded to Uploads folder to resolve permission issues
* Update: Performance improvements by caching editor controls
* Update: Re-render only related elements on update for better performance
* Fix: Visual Composer templates affect archive page
* Fix: Page title modifications affect page title display in menu
* Fix: Radius for columns in Design Options assigned to wrong wrapper

= 2.1 =
*Release Date - 2018-03-19*

* Update: Editor loading happens on post_content rendering to improve compatibility with themes
* Fix: Custom link selector search returns all results without number limits
* Fix: Theme template dropdown display chosen template in page layout settings
* Fix: Environment variable fixed for PHP version 5.2
* Fix: <p> tag is not stripped out when saving page in WordPress admin editor
* Fix: Single Image resize mechanism accept custom values
* Fix: Proper activation link generated for custom PHP versions
* Fix: Header, Footer, and Sidebar templates are not displayed in page search results
* Fix: 'Add New with Visual Composer' button is available in WordPress in different language
* Fix: Invalid argument fix for Subscriber in Header, Footer, and Sidebar editor.
* Fix: Custom widget element update works properly
* Fix: Metabox output performed before HTML
* Fix: Disabling page title in the editor does not affect menu title

= 2.0 =
*Release Date - 2018-03-02*

* Update now and check new content elements in the Hub.
* New: Page layout selector to select from Visual Composer defined layouts or theme layout
* New: Header, Footer, and Sidebar editor to create fully custom website
* New: Header, Footer, and Sidebar templates added to the Visual Composer Hub
* New: Instantly replace any content element from the same category with Replace Element option
* New: Compatibility with Slider Revolution, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Layer Slider, Essential Grid, EventsOn Calendar, WP
* Forms, NextGen Gallery, Envira Gallery, MailChimp for WP, and AddtoAny Share Buttons added
* New: Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) added to display custom fields on your page
* Update: Save button removed from Settings for instant changes
* Update: Elements and Templates can be added with 'Enter' button
* Update: Row stretch works with CSS when using Visual Composer page layouts
* Fix: WordPress revisions are compatible with Visual Composer
* Fix: Outline button borders of normal state not visible on hover
* Fix: Wrong response data fixed on editor loading

= 1.14 =
*Release Date - 2018-02-09*

* Update now and check new content elements in the Hub.
* Update: Coding standard updates for better compatibility with WPEngine;
* Update: Minimized package size for save content operations to increase performance;
* Update: Exclude option for attributes added to control attribute list for inner elements;
* Fix: Wrong image data URL in templates downloaded from the Visual Composer Hub;
* Fix: Editor loading issue for body without classes;

= 1.13.1 =
*Release Date - 2018-02-01*

* Update now and check new content elements in the Hub.
* New: Video Player - add self-hosted video from Media Library to your website and control 'Play' icon design
* New: Typewriter Heading - add interactive heading with typewriter animation to drag your customer attention to specific title or keyword
* Fix: Changed post access check in Post grid
* Fix: Javascript error in tree view which was fired in certain scenarios
* Fix: Background zoom effect in Design Options
* Fix: WPML integration improvements for Design Options

= 1.13 =
*Release Date - 2018-01-18*

* Update now and check new content elements in the Hub.
* New: Featured Image Post Grid - show your portfolio to the whole world in a beautiful way
* New: Centered Post Grid - classic layout to which is perfect for blog archives, news sections, and other structured content
* New: Multiple Image Collage - an attention grabber media element. Showcase your products with style
* New: Recent colors in color picker. Noone wants to open a brand book every time to look for #HEX color. Now your colors are saved in the recent color section and are just a click away
* Update: WooCommerce integration is a must and we improved integration between the two plugins in this release
* Update: License activation is better handling specific server configurations
* Update: Notification system received a facelift and now system messages look better than ever
* Fix: In some cases, CSS animation was fired two times instead of one

= 1.12 =
*Release Date - 2018-01-12*

* New: Added Backend editor represented for accordion style elements;
* Update: Element controls code has been updated for performance;
* Update: Visual Composer Hub window alignment for Safari improved;
* Fix: Drag and Drop elements in tree;
* Fix: Post Grid type element display for not logged in users are visible;
* Fix: Custom device values in Design Options for separate devices accepted;
* Fix: Blank Page proper save if the page is added via 'Create a blank page';
* Fix: Custom template placeholder image generation;
* Fix: Template saving error message display;

= 1.11 =
*Release Date - 2018-01-04*

* New: Sorting for Visual Composer Hub allows to switch between elements and templates;
* New: Photoswipe lightbox option added to image elements as an alternative to default lightbox;
* New: Option to disable row/column stacking on mobile for a specific row;
* New: Add Instagram style filters to your images with one click;
* Update: Update of React JS version up to the latest release;
* Fix: Vimeo video scale improved to support full width in Firefox browser;
* Fix: Compatibility with the latest Yoast SEO premium version;

= 1.10 =
*Release Date - 2017-12-27*

* New: Premium users can set category of their site so Visual Composer can focus on your industry
* New: Create blank page template with boxed content by using Visual Composer page settings
* New: Parallax effect that reacts on mouse movement added to Design Options of row and column
* New: Show/Hide element for all devices has been introduced in Design Options
* Update: Google Heading element offers whole set of Google Fonts to choose from
* Update: Template bundle has been divided into separate bundles for each template
* Update: Error report mechanism allows adding comments to specify issues
* Fix: Faq toggle element glitch removed on resize
* Fix: Bundle size has been optimized for proper download

= 1.9 =
*Release Date - 2017-12-18*

* Added: Upgrade to Visual Composer Premium
* Added: Templates in Visual Composer Hub (elements for templates are downloaded automatically with template)
* Update: Option to submit error automatically if activation failed
* Update: Google Heading display on instant edit improved
* Update: Optimize JS and CSS enqueue for better performance
* Update: Downloaded elements get auto-updated if new version is available
* Update: Visual Composer automatically update layout after changes in layout Settings
* Update: Smart JS loading logic - enqueue only used assets
* Update: Border radius can be applied to YouTube and Vimeo videos
* Update: Error message enhancement
* Update: System requirements check added before activation process
* Fix: YouTube background video display
* Fix: Local CSS saving after page update
* Fix: RTL display in Tree View mode
* Fix: Border radius available for background images
* Fix: Autocomplete, auto-indent, and highlight syntax option in ACE editor
* Fix: Form links are disabled on Frontend editor
* Fix: Icon picker ReactJS error on search
* Fix: Undo must refresh row layout
* Fix: Work with revisions on post saving
* Fix: Bottom margin for Separators
* Fix: Lightbox class has been changed to less generic
* Fix: Custom CSS override default styles
* Fix: Image gallery custom links applied correctly
* Fix: Element controls fixed in Safari
* Fix: Backend editor display in Edge
* Fix: Revolution Slider render in Frontend editor
* Fix: Ninja Forms render in Frontend editor

= 1.8 =
*Release Date - 2017-11-01*

* New: Edit your Visual Composer content from any mobile device with new UI/UX for Mobile Editing
* New: Add video from YouTube or Vimeo as a background to your row shape dividers with simple URL copy/paste
* New: Add custom Javascript to your page and site directly from Visual Composer Settings
* New: Control your layout templates directly from Visual Composer Settings. Remove header, footer, and sidebar with a single click
* Update: Tree View window now opens as a separate window for better visibility

= 1.7 =
*Release Date - 2017-10-24*

* New: Shape design update in divider
* New: Shape divider bottom option for row
* New: Post update mechanism for element updates
* Update: Shape divider scale mechanism
* Update: Shape divider sections in element window
* Update: CSS loading on Frontend editor
* Fix: New attributes added to existing elements

= 1.6 =
*Release Date - 2017-10-16*

* New: Blank page option in Backend Page Attributes
* Update: Size attribute for Basic and Outline button
* Update: JS enqueue in Frontend editor
* Update: Delay for element controls
* Update: Icon color attribute for Message Box element
* Fix: Paragraph bottom-margin for elements
* Fix: Activation process improvements

= 1.5 =
*Release Date - 2017-10-09*

* Added: Recycle bin to delete elements with drag and drop
* Added: Tel attribute for link selector
* Added: Premium element teaser section
* Update: Drag and Drop helper line animation
* Update: Shape divider self-hosted video background
* Fix: Image position in Design Options for predefined templates added
* Fix: Faq Toggle element position

= 1.4 =
*Release Date - 2017-09-29*

* Added: Row and column shape divider with colors and images
* Added: Keyboard shortcuts for basic operations
* Added: Background image Zoom In/Out effects in Design Options
* Added: Carousel slideshow effect for background image in Design Options
* Update: Reverse parallax effect added to Design Options
* Update: Single image markup and caption output
* Fixed: Design Options values in Backend editor
* Fixed: Faq toggle icons display position on Chrome
* Fixed: Design Options placeholder display on Edge
* Fixed: Backend editor loading on FireFox
* Fixed: Feature section left padding removed
* Fixed: Tree view scroll to top removed

= 1.3 =
*Release Date - 2017-09-08*

* Added: Image position attribute in Design Options
* Added: Image position attribute for Hero Section
* Added: Range control attribute in Separator
* Added: Factory reset option in Settings
* Update: New icon libraries
* Update: Extension download in editor on update

= 1.2 =
*Release Date - 2017-08-31*

* New: copy/paste elements across columns
* New: option to name elements with custom titles
* New: temporary hide elements with ‘eye’ control
* Update: settings and custom css window user interface
* Update: Faq Toggle element rename

= 1.1.1 =
*Release Date - 2017-08-18*

* Update: German translation. Credits to Hajo Hagelstein.
* Fix: error on activation
* Fix: file caching issues

= 1.1 =
*Release Date - 2017-08-17*

* New: attribute for content elements with icons and text
* New: changelog with native WordPress design
* Update: improved edit form design (reduced spaces and font size)
* Update: plugin activation process
* Update: extension bundle split download
* Fix: global CSS duplication

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