Weaver Xtreme Theme

Price: FREE
Type: WordPress Theme
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Contributors: wpweaver
Author URI: http://weavertheme.com/about
Theme URI: http://weavertheme.com
Tags: custom-header, custom-colors, custom-background, custom-menu, theme-options, left-sidebar, right-sidebar,
fixed-width, three-columns, two-columns, black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, tan, dark, white, light,
translation-ready, rtl-language-support, editor-style
Copyright: Weaver Xtreme Theme - Copyright 2014-1017 Bruce E Wampler
Requires at least: 5.1
Tested up to: 5.3
Stable tag: 4.3.3

== Description ==

Weaver Xtreme is an advanced Theme platform that supports extensive customization by the user,
as well as full responsive design for mobile devices.

== Licenses ==

* License: GNU General Public License v3 or later
* License URI: //www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html
* Weaver Xtreme has been derived from the Weaver II Theme, licensed
under GPL V2. The source code for Weaver Xtreme is available at
* Images: All images included with Weaver Xtreme are either original works of the author which
have been placed into the public domain, or have been derived from other public domain sources,
and thus need no license. ( This does not include the images provided with any of the
below listed scripts and libraries. Those images are covered by their respective licenses. )
* Weaver Xtreme also includes several scripts and libraries that are covered under the terms
of their own licenses in the listed files in the Weaver Xtreme theme distribution:
** Yetii - Yet ( E )Another Tab Interface Implementation - license in /js/yetii/yetii.js ( BSD )
** Some Customizer code inspired by Make Theme - GNU General Public License v2 or later
** Save, Restore code inspired by Customizer Export / Import plugin, GPL V2 or later
** Accordion, jQuery Plugin - license in /js/accordion/LICENSE ( New BSD )
** jscolor, JavaScript Color Picker - license in /js/jscolor/jscolor.js ( GLGPL )
** html5 IE lib - license in /js/htm5.js ( MIT )
** FitVids - WTFPL
** javascript-detect-element-resize - MIT
** Genericons - GPL V2
** Alpha Color Picker - GPL V2

** theme scripts - original to this theme, covered by GPL

== Acknowledgements ==

Way back in 2010, the original version of Weaver was developed by Bruce Wampler. Over time,
the original "2010 Weaver" evolved into Weaver, then Weaver II, and now this version,
Weaver Xtreme. This latest version could not have been developed with out the considerable
contributions of the Weaver Forum moderators, scrambler, Joy, Gillian, and Joerg. These
great people did extensive testing, provided feedback, and contributed both ideas and code.
My sincere thanks to them all, as well as many other Weaver II users who also contributed
with testing and feature suggestions.

== Changelog ==

= Version 1.00 =
* First release on WP.org repository

= Version 1.0.1 =
* New: Desktop Menu Bar Item Spacing Option
* New: .wvrx-fullwidth built-in class for full width BG color
* New: Add CSS Classes to HTML insertion areas, Header, Title/Tagline block ( X-Plus )
* Tweak: Auto change columns for galleries on mobile devices
* Tweak: Changed default theme to Plain, new screenshot provided
* Tweak: Some interactions with X-Plus
* Tweak: textarea tweaks for future X-Plus features
* Tweak: Styling for Wide 2 table
* Tweak: Description for Rounded Corners - need to add rounded to parent/child areas, too.
* Tweak: Refactored some PHP code
* Fix: added missing .is-desktop to full bg color rules
* Fix: full width bg unintended left border in some cases
* Fix: added default font-weight:normal; to menus to avoid override by content link settings
* Fix: issue with bold font links ( Menu )
* Fix: Info Bar page navigation on Page with Posts wasn't displaying
* Fix: Rounded Corner Radius generated CSS ( X-Plus )
* Fix: Auto margins on right sidebars - stack top

= Version 1.0.2 =
* New: added 20 new sub-themes
* New: added filters to many visitor side strings to allow customization - advanced, see help file.
* New: Exclude Pages From SiteMap option on Advanced Options:Site Options tab. Added CSS IDs to SiteMap sections for custom styling.
* New: Site Title area Logo/HTML option ( Plus )
* New: .is-ipad, .is-ipod .is-iphone .is-ios, .is-android, .is-windows, .is-macos device/os specific classes
* New: option to force full browser height for short pages
* New: extend Area BG color for Header, Container, Footer, and menus ( free version! )
* New: set Mobile Menu trigger width for Primary/Secondary menu bars
* New: support for JetPack's Infinite Scroll - supports blog page, including multiple columns
* Tweak: Changed default top/bottom margin on Footer and Wrapper Areas to 0
* Tweak: Changed Bold/Italic checkboxes to Inherit/On/Off selection
* Tweak: Improved how IE8 degrades for full-width bg colors
* Tweak: Full width bg support
* Tweak: Changed FI location wording from Before Title to With Title
* Tweak: Rules for fixedtop, fixedbottom
* Tweak: Powered by link destination
* Tweak: Captions - styling, fixed top margin; captioned images same max width as non-captioned images
* Fix: small tablet left sidebar stacking layout when only one sidebar defined
* Fix: small tablet sidebar stacking layout when per-page hide sidebar used
* Fix: page/post editor font size
* Fix: post id and FI issue
* Fix: interactions with Weaver Show Posts - displaying title options, list and FI styling
* Fix: RTL for menus

= Version =
* New: Advanced - added support for weaverx_breadcrumbs and weaverx_paginate actions to allow alternatives
* Tweak: Added support for WP 4.1 'title-tag'
* Tweak: Default Menu alignment and margin rules
* Tweak: CSS and JS for full height/width
* Tweak: Right align on alignment ( not allowed )
* Tweak: changed multi-column post styling to allow nth-child rules to work right ( div to span clear )
* Fix: Normal Weight for Titles option
* Fix: Allow non-standard 'property' in tag.

= Version 1.1 =
* New: Alternative SmartMenus - X-Plus
* New: Border around submenus
* Tweak: Submenu styling ( inline-block -> block )
* Tweak: z-index for full page width
* Tweak: show Weaver Xtreme Plus version in HTML
* Tweak: menu layout speeded up
* Tweak: added .author wrap to single page author info for Google tools
* Fix: Desktop Menu Spacing
* Fix: multi-column post class fixes
* Fix: issue with content option
* Fix: clear issue with right aligned header widget area

= Version 1.1.1 =
* New: Rounded corners for submenus
* Change: All menus must be either Smart Menus or Standard Weaver Xtreme menus - no per menu choice
* Removed: Support for changing the Mobile/Desktop menu toggle point no longer supported - sorry!
* Tweak: Added release notes to help tab
* Tweak: italic no longer applied to menu arrows - should not have been applied
* Tweak: menu handling on some touch devices / browsers - iOS, IE
* Fix: minimized css/js
* Fix: MegaMenu border ( X-Plus )

= Version 1.1.2 =
* Fix: missing

for author-link, extra

= Version 1.1.3 =
* Tweak: Wording for Hide Author Bio option
* Fix: JavaScript incompatibility with Safari browser

= Version 1.2 =
* New: Multiple Column option for Page content
* New: Full Width Subthemes - Dark and Light plus Demo versions
* New: Set menu bar switch desktop/mobile point ( Plus )
* Tweak: additional support for Plus
* Tweak: Recommend Plugins - added WP Edit and WP Retina 2x
* Tweak: A few documentation changes
* Tweak: removed auto-generation of media library header sized image. This generated image was
never actually used - cropping the header image when adding is an independent action.
* Fix: IE8 compatibility script loading
* Fix: Fatal error bug when Page with Post compact post option set
* Fix: Infobar centering

= Version 1.2.1 =
* Tweak: Beginning of Admin code reorganization - moved admin files to new directories
* Fix: Mobile menu bug on non-SmartMenus

= Version 1.2.2 =
* Fix: ignore mobile toggle set point if not SmartMenu

= Version 1.2.3 =
* New: Plain - Full Width subtheme
* Tweak: Moved Edit button inside .entry-content on Pages
* Tweak: Updated to new TGM library ( for installing recommended plugins )
* Fix: 3-column Post display on small tablets
* Fix: z-index for Smart Menu HTML areas

= Version 1.2.4 =
* Fix: problem with 2 and 3 column post layout
* Fix: Failure to translate Post Comment and Leave a Reply

= Version 1.3 =
* New: Custom Menu Placeholder item hover cursor specification
* New: New item on Customizer Menu: link to Theme Options
* New: Extend multiple column post display to archive-like pages ( archive, author, category, tag )
* Fix: support on pages
* Fix: style for weaver slider FI's
* Fix: various translation text domain issues
* Tweak: Weaver Xtreme Theme Support plugin nag
* Tweak: Recommended Plugins wording, TGMPA update
* Tweak: moved loading of style sheets to weaverx_enqueue_scripts( ) action
* Tweak: support for shortcodes in Smart Menus ( Plus )
* Tweak: Comment form translation fix
* Tweak: Page with Posts: sticky + author filter

= *** Release Notes also found on Help Tab *** =

= Version 2.0 =
* New: Added Customizer Option Interface - Setting options is now a WYSIWYG experience!
* New: 20+ Google Fonts included and integrated to free theme version.
* -- Other additions and changes ---
* New: Columns for post content
* New: Added Header/Footer Center Content within HTML area option
* New: Retain Menu Bar Hover BG Color option when open submenus
* New: Top/Bottom margins on Primary, Secondary, Extra Menu bars
* New: Character and Word spacing ( Xtreme Plus )
* New: Support for Cryllic, Greek, Hebrew, and Vietnamese character sets with some fonts.
* Change: Removed WP Appearance : "Theme Options" from core theme. ( now included with theme support plugin )
* Change: Appearance "Theme Options" label changed to "Weaver Xtreme Admin"
* Change: No longer recommend WP Retina 2x plugin as that functionality is now in WP 4.4
* Tweak: Default font changed to "Open Sans" from "Arial" to take advantage of Google Fonts.
* Tweak: #header-html 100% width default
* Tweak: Changed Footer Area, Container Area, and Info Bar to border-box.
* Tweak: #content default margin bottom changed to 0. This works better with Customizer.
* Tweak: Changed < hr > height to 2px for default.
* Tweak: Mini Menu top margin default changed to 0em.
* Tweak: Added .weaverx_inject_area class to all injection areas
* Tweak: Added rel="nofollow" to WordPress and Weaver Theme credit links in the footer
* Fix: Header/Footer HTML center alignment option
* Fix: misc fixes/tweaks to Version 1.3

= Version 2.0.1 =
* New: Added Don't Use Customizer option for slow hosts/computers
* Fix: Container Max Width live update issue
* Fix: Switch to Customizer bad link on subdirectory installs
* Tweak: auto preview refresh when clear custom css rules

= Version 2.0.3 =
* Fix: Bug in menu bottom margin
* Fix: Header HTML would not hide if Centered
* Fix: Spelling error in Romanian translation file
* Fix: Customizer link color preview
* Tweak: new algorithm for Customizer Custom CSS live update
* Tweak: modified weaverx_site_title and weaverx_tagline filters to allow HTML

= Version 2.0.4 =
* Fix: Customizer preview of bar under a title options
* Fix: Generating invalid custom css file for Weaver Xtreme Plus.
* Tweak: .content-3-col help file information updated

= Version 2.0.5 =
* New: Disable Google Fonts ( Advanced Option )
* Fix: Caption color, image border updates in Customizer
* Fix: Default WP Site BG Color now shows in Customizer

= Version 2.0.7 =
* Versioning issue with WP.org upload, no 2.0.6

= Version 2.0.8 =
* New: Pre and Post #header div position for Header Widget Area ( X-Plus )
* Fix: tweak TinyMCE styling for paragraph top margin and ul, ol, and li spacing
* Fix: small issue with breadcrumbs
* Fix: Header Image now uses WP 4.4 responsive image size loading
* Fix: Per Page 25% sidebar width override now works
* Fix: Drop Down Menu handling for Windows 10 Touch Devices
* Tweak: Weaver Xtreme Customizer help link on Customizer ? link
* Tweak: changed Release Notes on Help tab to directly open the readme.txt file via link
* Tweak: handling of default width
* Tweak: .content-2-col width changed to full 50%.
* Tweak: Added category filtering check as workaround for some other broken plugins
* Tweak: Title + FI display now uses FI alignment as set for excerpts
* Tweak: First breadcrumb title didn't make sense if "No Home Menu Item" option checked. With
that option, first breadcrumb will be site's title, or value of Info Bar Home Breadcrumb.
* Tweak: Added new section to Help file about Customizer Interface
* Tweak: Fixed Page with Posts to honor Password Protection and not show posts
* Change: Changed behavior of Use Post Featured Image as Header on Single Page View. Now
behaves exactly like standard header image - size, centering, etc. The class
.fi-page-header-image is no longer used, and has been removed.

= Version 2.0.9 =
* New: Hide Font Family/Size options in Page/Post Editor ( Weaver Xtreme Plus )
* New: $delimiter = apply_filters( 'weaverx_breadcrumb_delimiter', '→' ); for breadcrumbs
* Tweak: Internal hooks to Weaver Xtreme Plus and Weaver Xtreme Theme Support
* Tweak: Handling of .gif header image
* Fix: Some zero value Customizer settings failed to save correctly.

= Version 2.1 =
* New: Support for WP 4.5 Custom Logo in header
* Fix: Fixed some setting incompatibilities between Customizer and Legacy options
* Fix: Corrected 100% vs auto width default information in width option descriptions
* New: Support width value of 0 to force 'auto' width attribute for areas with 100% width default.
* Tweak: changed Footer HTML area to default 100% width.
NOTE: This may cause incompatibility with some customized themes. Changing width to explicit 0 should fix issues.
* Fix: Problem with saving generated styles to file from Customizer with Xtreme Plus installed
* Fix: Print page was clipping content when extend background .wvrx-fullwidth class used on an area
* Fix: Customizer refresh of Archive Page Title font size - had interaction with Page Title font size
* Tweak: Improved rendering of custom width desktop sidebars. IE8 degrades to showing sidebars at 25% only.
* Tweak: Improved rendering of menu transitions
* Tweak: make phone width 100% ( was 98% ) for most horizontal areas like the top/bottom widget areas, html areas, etc.

= Version 2.1.1 =
* Change: RAW Page template behavior significantly changed so that it is now really "raw".
The Per Page options for the RAW page template now show only those options related to the RAW template.
If you were using the RAW template, you can simply switch to the Blank Template to retain behavior.
* Tweak: Add notice for users of Weaver Xtreme Plus 2.1 and 2.1.1 to do manual update.

= Version 2.1.2 =
* Fix: Save Theme Settings via Customizer saved file incorrectly.
* Tweak: Removed obsolete theme tags ( e.g., black, dark, etc. )
* Fix: Remove some restrictions of parameters in section.

= Version 2.1.3 =
* Fix: generated css for archive title had gotten corrupted, fixed
* Tweak: Print view now shows footer copyright notice
* New: Option to show widget areas and full colophon on print view

= Version 3.0 =
* New: Full Width Sites: Expand Areas alternative to existing Extend BG Attributes
* New: Featured Image Locations: Banner, Full Width BG Images: tiled, cover, parallax
* New: Per Post FI Layout for individual Posts ( requires Theme Support Plugin )
* New: Checkbox for Fixed-Top Menus and Header Area with auto top margin for wrapper/content
* New: HTML as replacement for Header Image: allows easy slide show in header creation with shortcode
* New: Customizer Options interface level - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
* New: Weaver System Info on Help tab ( req: Theme Support Plugin )
* New: Minimum Server / PHP Memory check for Customizer
* New: Replace Site Title text with WP Custom Logo image, with height options
* New: Add WP Custom Logo to Left end of Primary Menu, with height options
* New: Alternate for Mobile Menu Hamburger
* New: Check for PHP Memory limit for Customizer Interface
* New: Render Header Image as a BG image, including Parallax ( requires Xtreme Plus )
* New: New default subtheme, plus other new and revised subthemes
* New: Underline on link hover
* New: Menu Bar top/bottom padding
* New: Adjust for Admin Bar on top of front-end view for logged in users
* New: Add Right HTML to Primary Menu now supported by free version. Left and other Rights still need XPlus
* New: Automatic vertical margins for Fixed Top and Bottom options
* New: Top/Bottom padding for Title/Tagline area
* New: New menus for Full Width Site
* New: Alternate cursor shape for placeholder menus
* New: Faster CSS based Extend BG Attributes ( vs. JavaScript handling )
* New: Compatibility with WP 4.7 - specifically with Customizer and new WP Additional CSS option
* Change: Reordered Customizer Top Level menus
* Change: Menu Bar Item top/bottom padding deprecated
* Change: Removed 15 of previous subthemes - they are available for download on weavertheme.com
* Change: force Weaver Stylesheets to load after most plugins, makes in-line and XPlus style file work same
* Change: Default theme width changed from 940px to 1100px in keeping with the times
* Change: Changed minimum Customizer Max Width to 0 for header, container, and footer
* Change: #wrapper area changed from box-sizing:content-box to box-sizing:border-box. This may affect custom CSS for the pre-wrapper area.
* Tweak: Moved Extend BG options to below BG color option in Legacy Interface.
* Tweak: made increment .1em for Custom Font Size A/B in Customizer view
* Tweak: left margin for ordered lists - will work for up to 99 items now
* Tweak: Fixed styling on some submit buttons in Customizer and Legacy option interface
* Tweak: Descriptions of Full Width option
* Tweak: Fullwidth code in weaverxjslib-end
* Tweak: | to %2C for Google fonts
* Tweak: Added some .entry-title classes to keep Google happy
* Tweak: Recognize when WP Admin Bar is at top
* Tweak: Automatically show overflow for widgets with Extra Menus ( X-Plus )
* Tweak: Optimized custom widget layout CSS ( X-Plus )
* Fix: Missing .wrapper in site-title color rule - affected [ site_title ]
* Fix: Styling for default [ gallery ]
* Fix: Header, Footer custom widget area widths
* Fix: BG color on Tagline
* Fix: No smart margins option was not working on widget areas
* Fix: no img size info available for a Weaver default header image
* Fix: Outdated handling of RSS title due to WP deprecated function
* Fix: Posts default bottom margin changed to 15px from 1.5em, Customizer/Legacy interface default values fixed
* Fix: Page with Posts Per Page Hide Bottom Sitewide Widget Area option fixed

= Version 3.0.3 =
* Tweak: IE8 fixed top margin
* Fix: Per Page options
* Fix: Visual Editor was loading slowly because of Google Fonts issue
* Fix: Visual Editor was failing to show theme font family settings correctly
* Fix: Per Page Hide Header

= Version 3.0.4 =
* Fix: Menus z-index

= Version 3.1 =
* New: Added support for WP 4.7 Header Video Images - in header area, or as full screen BG image.
* New: change max srcset size from WP's default 1600 to 1920
* New: https://guide.weavertheme.com online theme guide
* Change: Featured Images as a header image replacement now include srcset
* Tweak: Changed overflow for Widget Area and Widget to visible. This may change the look of existing sites that use badly behaving widgets that overflow content.
* Tweak: Changed how header images are generated. The srcset is included with more images now.
* Tweak: Don't generate single page navigation HTML if hide.
* Fix: More z-index tweaks
* Fix: Bug with incorrectly hiding widget areas on archive-like pages and default blog page due to per-post settings in first post on the page
* Fix: rounded corners z-index on menus
* Fix: BG color for Visual Editor, including Transparent subthemes.

= Version 3.1.1 =
* New: .post-author-id-# added to the post

class list that wraps all post views. Allows custom per-author post CSS.
* Fix: Header Widget Area z-index
* Fix: Don't allow header video, header FI header replacement, or header html replacement for archives or search pages
* Fix: [ gallery ] CSS clear:both; fix for tablets/phones. Only apparent when 2 or more galleries on same page/post.
* Fix: Let Per Page with Posts columns override the global Masonry value.
* Fix: Issue with width of Post Category meta link info
* Fix: Customizer Color picker with Child Themes now displays correctly
* Fix: Header Image HTML replacement still showed image
* Tweak: Work-around for Cloudflare "feature" that doesn't show Edit button sometimes. See Cloudflare plugin support forum for fix for WP Admin bar if you need that.
* Tweak: Make overflow:hidden for primary, secondary, and footer widget areas

= Version 3.1.2 =
* Critical fix: detect case of PHP max_input_vars configuration value too small - prevent loss of settings
* Fix: missing .site-title, .site-tagline generated CSS
* Fix: Masonry Per Page option

= Version 3.1.3 =
* Fix: JetPack Infinite scroll now will also work correctly with multi-column posts display.
* Fix: Legacy interface handling of video rendering in header
* Fix: Archive pages not showing BG header
* Tweak: Minor tweaks to the "Go" subthemes
* API: Added filters for page and archive sidebar layouts

= Version 3.1.4 =
* Fix: Move Top/Bottoms Menu option was marked as X-Plus option in Customizer - was correct in Legacy
* Fix: JS update issue when both Primary and Secondary menus hidden
* Fix: Issue with z-index and Smart Menus
* Fix: Menu not closing for link to anchor on same page. Fixed so now better supports one page websites.
* Fix: z-index for fixed top primary vs secondary menus and fixed top header widget area
* Fix: WooCommerce: Single Product Page uses Page Sidebar Layout, Multi-Product List page uses Archive Sidebar Layout

= Version 3.1.5 =
* New: add Woocommerce support for product gallery zoom, lightbox, slider
* Tweak: wrapped excerpt ... in span with excerpt-dots class.

= Version 3.1.6 =
* Fix: Obscure issue with full width and scroll bar width in wvrx end js lib
* Fix: Menu left/right HTML areas were incorrectly labeled as diamond options - they are not.
* Tweak: Blockquote styling - fixed padding
* Tweak: Woocommerce title clear:none rule added to stylesheet
* Tweak: Font Family for some subthemes
* Tweaks: WP 4.8 compatibility: list styling for new WP Text Widget, remove Customizer column resize button

= Version 3.1.7 =
* New: new method of styling Page/Post editor when Weaver Xtreme Support 3.1.7 or later installed
* Tweak: new styling method allows improved page/post styling to better match theme settings
* Deprecated: old method of styling Page/Post editor - in the future, this will require Theme Support plugin
* Fix: check for illegal column value when creating widget areas
* Tweak: Weaver head JavaScript will load before most other scripts now

= Version 3.1.8 =
* Fix: Page/Post Editor styling issues - no longer requires Xtreme Plus.
* Tweak: reminder to save theme settings for new editor styling
* New: support for Weaver Xtreme Plus per blog, single, archive-like themes.

= Version 3.1.9 =
* Tweak: added around JAVASCRIPT DISABLED message - only matters if user doesn't have blank site title
* Fix: FI as header image now does have priority over Header HTML Replacement option as stated in option's description.
* Tweak: Fixed top header widget area will be after Secondary fixed-top menu, and before Primary fixed-top menu.
* Update: Updated to TGMPA v2.6.1 ( used for suggested plugins )

= Version 3.1.10 =
* New: weaverx_fi_after filter added. See Weaver Xtreme API in The Guide.
* Fix: Weaver Xtreme Plus alternate hamburger setting was not saving.
* Fix: Customizer live preview update for Global Custom CSS
* Fix: WP 4.9 issue with customizer color picker fixed
* Tweak: WP 4.9 compatibility check
* Tweak: General code cleanup in prep for 3.2

= Version 3.1.11 =
* Fix: Post single view now handles per-post 'page-head-code' correctly.
* Tweak: changed post 'updated' to

= Version 3.1.12 =
* Change: removed pluggables.php, returned code to original location due to child theme fractures
* Fix: issue with Safari only for extended width handling
* Tweak: account for missing wvrxOpts and wvrxEndOpts variable definitions caused by some plugins messing with loaded JavaScript
* New: Added do_action( 'weaverx_alt_header_image' ) to support plugins to add alternate header image or other content before header widget area

= Version 3.2 =
* New: Scheme.org structured data tags ( microformats )
* New: Completely redesigned Per Page and Per Post option pages - tabbed interface ( requires Weaver Xtreme Theme Support 3.2 plugin )
* Tweak: updated WordPress theme tags included in style.css
* IMPORTANT NOTICE: some theme files have significant changes to add the scheme.org that may require updating of child theme files.

= Version 4.0 =

* New: Complete style integration with the Gutenberg Editor plugin. Gutenberg will be the new editor to be included with WordPress 5.0.
* New: Added new WP alignfull and alignwide support. Many areas and items now have wide and full choices.
* New: Added FI location: bg parallax full width
* New: Header Logo Links to home
* New: Add Site Title to Left Side of Primary Menu
* New: Add Search Icon to Right Side of Primary Menu
* New: Improved Search Box - Former Icon Selections removed, just used font colors now
* New: New Global Site Layout Options for Header/Container/Footer: fullwidth, stretched, boxed, custom
* New: Changed Expand full width description to Stretch
* New: New Minimum Height for improved Parallax Control: Minimum Header Height, Minimum Post Height, Minimum Single Page Height
* New: Extensive new integration with Elementor and SiteOrigin page builders:
* "Your Page Builder Plugin" page template
* New Per Page support for page builder as header/footer replacement
* Global Elementor color scheme replacement
* New: Auto-save of Menu definitions and Widgets used when switching themes
* New: Brand new set of subthemes, and a new default subtheme
* New: Alternate "Edit" buttons for Classic and Elementor editors
* New: Arctic White - new default subtheme
* New: Cosmic Latte subtheme

* Enhancement: Added SmallCaps variant of Alegreya sans and sans-serif font

* Change: Basic SmartMenu in Free Version. Weaver Xtreme Plus has advanced SmartMenu Options
* Change: Significant Improvement of Customizer Interface Levels
* Names changed to: Basic, Standard, Full
* Customizer menus reorganized for new levels
* Basic Level contains better set of options. Many users will never need to use higher levels
* Change: several subthemes modified to use new Wide/Full display modes
* Change: several subthemes removed from choices

* Tweaks: Minor styling changes for better Gutenberg integration: hr, blockquote
* Fix: Align wide for GB basic image block

* Fix: Issue when primary/secondary have top margin set and fix to top on scroll selected
* Fix: Right padding on sub-menus
* Fix: Incorrect sheme.org code added to compact posts with image
* Fix: missing close div on page with post template
* Fix: Weaver .center changed to .align-center to avoid conflict with Gutenberg
* Fix: Right padding issue with main menu bar when using separator bars

* IMPORTANT NOTICE: some theme files have significant changes to add the page builder support - header.php and footer.php have important changes. These may require fixes in child themes.

= Version 4.0.1 =
* Fix: center header image fixed
* Fix: arrow spacing on non-smart-menu menu items
* Fix: revert to V3 table-layout
* Fix: some missing icons

= Version 4.0.2 =
* Fix: Change update to refresh for Align Header Area in Customizer
* Fix: Left & Right align header image when used with Link to Site
* Fix: be sure no borders on No Border table option
* Fix: Boxed layout option removed ( for now )
* Fix: Fixed styling for no border tables
* Fix: Issue with Extended/Stretched width for infobar

= Version 4.0.3 =
* Fix: Failure to save some custom width options for Traditional layout
* Fix: Issue with saving editor style file sometimes
* Tweak: Moved all Full width option to same customizer menu, changed name from Expand to Stretch, reorder some options
* Tweak: Made blockquote border-box.

= Version 4.0.4 =
* Fix: Problem with search form translation
* Tweak: some Gutenberg styling

= Version 4.0.5 =
* Fix: fitvids fixed
* Fix: Theme will now auto-upgrade generated CSS when updating from 3.2.x to 4.0.x

= Version 4.0.6 =
* Fix: Check for get_the_privacy_policy_link for backward compatibility.
* Fix: Issue with empty excerpt
* Tweak: Gutenberg Gallery Block captions
* Tweak: screenshot.jpg updated to comply with new WordPress standards

= Version 4.0.7 =
* Tweak: made weaverx_archive_loop pluggable
* Fix: better fix for empty excerpt

= Version 4.0.8 =
* Fix: removed "g" output from search that was accidentally introduced in 4.0.7 somehow.

= Version 4.0.9 =
* Fix: issues with settings for initial install or 3.2 to 4.0 upgrade

= Version 4.1 =
* Update: Bumped to 4.1 to coincide with WP 5.0 release
* Fix: issue with displaying title permalink setting in Gutenberg editor

= Version 4.2 =
* Update: Updated to use some new Block Editor Features in WP 5.0.2. Simplified code and stylesheets.
* New: Support for wide and full alignment for pages that have sidebars - wide/full don't overflow and get clipped
* Fix: Block Editor embeds conflict with 'fitvids' - allow native blocks responsive formatting instead
* Fix: Various ormatting issues, especially when in the Block Editor.
* Update: Use built-in Block Editor dark theme support
* Tweak: fix references to Gutenberg - use Block Editor instead
* Tweak: remove Gutenberg plugin recommendation
* Fix: italic and classic editor icon yellow bug in Block Editor
* Tweak: automatic update for generated style files

= Version 4.2.1 =
* Fix: Bold and Italic compatibility for blocks that natively support those for text ( e.g., gallery and image captions, quote blocsk )

= Version 4.2.2 =
* Fix: issue with alignfull and alignwide on pages with sidebars

= Version 4.2.3 =
* Tweak: removed some obsolete theme version checking code from Customizer

= Version 4.2.4 =
* Tweak: changed http://schema.org to https://schema.org
* Tweak: reorganized Woocommerce runtime support code
* New: added .show-logged-in, .hide-logged-in, .hide-not-logged-in, and .show-not-logged-in classes
* Tweak: added link logo on menu option to Customizer, fixed z-index for link.
* Tweak: new Classic Editor default font family styling

= Version 4.2.5 =
* Fix: link on logo stray text bug

= Version 4.2.6 =
* Fix: Add css version to early editor stylesheet for Cloudflare or other caching services
* Fix: Different editor styling for Classic Editor's changed behavior

= Version 4.3 =
* New: Top and Bottom Margins for Block Editor Elements (Customizer only, not in current Legacy Options yet)
* Fix: correct version of help.html file added
* Fix: list and paragraph bottom margin - only applied to lists before, plus now works with Block Editor
* Fix: show currently selected subtheme in Customizer subtheme selector
* Fix: added Elementor and SiteOrigin posts as well as pages to header/footer replacement selectors
* Change: Removed tgm add plugins plugin, modified recommended plugins help panel
* Code: Significant code refactoring, significant updates to handling of output translatable strings
* Code: Significant reformatting to improve coding conventions for WP standards

= Version 4.3.1 =
Fix: Fixed issue with 4.3 fix for paragraph spacing
Fix: Issue with Sticky Posts in Page with Posts

= Version =
Fix: Older/New Posts links on Page with Posts

= Version =
Fix: Page with Posts issue when home page substitute

= Version =
Tweak: add l/r padding for 2 and 3 column content for consistency with general content padding
Fix: hide post date broken

= Version =
Fix: hide post author

= Version =
Fix: Primary and Secondary display order to match move options for fixed to top

= Version =
Fix: Link to home page option when left menu logo displayed
Fix: Block Editor embeds caption margin

= Version 4.3.2 =
Fix: hide site title
Fix: Chrome 77 Block Editor Meta Box display bug
Fix: Issues with alignfull and alignwide - layout and interaction with other width settings
New: Support to import Absolute Weaver .json settings file
Tweak: File access error suggestions updated

= Version =
Fix: typo in alignfull rule

= Version 4.3.3 =
Update: WP 5.3 compatibility
Tweak: added shortcode processing the Weaver Xtreme's Header Logo/HTML option

= Version 4.3.4 *
= Fix: no longer need custom excerpt filter
= Update/fix: recognize iPad for iOS 13.3