Social Media and Short Links

February 2020

Social Media - Not Why, But How

Like many business owners, you are well aware of the need for social media. You don't need reasons why to start using social media, but rather you need ways to improve. How do I capture my Facebook presence? How do I convert Twitter traffic? How do give my Instagram followers multiple channels to my website?

social media channel Pictured above is a high level social media channel. Social media channels allow users to connect with your brand and reach your products.

The obvious and best answer is to include links!

Character Limits

Once you've started adding links, you've run into the character limit issue with links. Take the following link for example:

This is link to our free seo report page. Pretty neat right? The ony problem is that the url itself is 40 characters long. Which is nearly 1/3 of the character limit for Twitter. If we want to properly track the link with utm parameters, it becomes even longer...

This new link is 108 characters long. That ony leaves us 32 characters!

The Solution

How do you solve this? The solution is short links. We can easily transform our super long link, into a more social media friendly link:

We went from 108 characters long to 13 characters long!

You can start using short links for free today, simply by logging in. Free tier members can create an unlimited amount of links, however they expire after 30 days. Paid members can create an unlimited amount of links with no expiration.

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