Marketing Strategy for WordPress Websites

June 2020

Interaction On Social Media

Although you might be tired of hearing the vague term, `social media`, it cannot be stressed enough how important social media is for marketing. Some businesses have been built solely through the use of social media. Billions of people use social media across the globe so unless you have a secret connection with these billions of people, it is necessary to use social media.

A successful social media strategy is difficult. It takes a lot of work and can be intimidating at times. However don't worry, as you build momentum, you will find implementing a social media strategy gets easier over time. It also is a great idea to just focus on one platform until you gain traction. If you do too much at once, your strategy will suffer and you will not see desired results.

Long-term you will want to hire social media manager. However you don't need one to get started or even be successful. You don't need to be extremely creative just be authentic. Create content about your thoughts, about your products, or anything that your audience would find useful or relevant. If you need inspiration then simply look at what similar businesses are doing.

Addition to posts, using direct messages on platforms like Instagram or Twitter can also be a successful strategy. You can use these channels to reach out to other successful businesses with the intentions of building a partnership or even to communicate with potential customers. Just keep in mind that people don't want spam. Remember to keep you're messaging more personal and tailored to your audience.

Tutorials And Videos

One of the most effective mediums of communication is video. It also is one of the most effective ways to broadcast your business. A common use of video in the world of online business is tutorials. Simply put, a video to teach something useful. Step-by-step, hand holding, tutorials are great, because those types of videos bring true value to its audience. Ultimately that is what people want, value.

Youtube is the world's second largest search engine behind Google. When someone needs a visual explanation, they head to Youtube. You've likely done it yourself many times.

Need ideas for videos? Just think what you could teach your customers that would help grow their business? Perhaps you can speak from experience about how you solved your own pain point. Just as with social media post, just come from a point of authenticity.

More Than Your Blog

If you have a WordPress website then you probably are already blogging. You've probably already started writing articles on your own website, however it shouldn't stop there.

Become an authority on a given topic and spread your knowledge outside of your WordPress website. Use platforms such as Medium, Quora, or Reddit. You can also use LinkedIn for a more business to business audience. These platforms have massive audiences, so posting quality blogs on these platforms, will give you immediate reach.

In order to be an authority on a given topic, you need to make sure your content is effective. Don't blog a quick/thin post. If the post does not add great value to it's reader, then it isn't worth your time. You need to almost overwhelm people with value. In some cases value can be smiles and laughs, but in most business scenarios, it is a teachable concept that they can use.

Search Engine Optimization

If you own a WordPress website chances are that you already know SEO is important. Perhaps you are already an expert on SEO or maybe you are frightened by the idea by SEO. Either way SEO is a great marketing strategy.

Just like any other marketing strategy, SEO needs to be a continuous effort. Perhaps not a daily effort but definitely more than the once a year effort people tend to fall into. Reviewing your WordPress SEO strategy on a monthly basis is a good frequency. You might not make changes every month but you will be able to make sure your website is aligned with your marketing strategy.

Want to know the biggest tip for good WordPress SEO? Don't try to trick search engines. It's easy to think that you can outsmart a web scraper by overloading with keywords but you can't. Modern web scrapers read your web pages like a human. That doesn't mean don't use keywords but keep it realistic. If your website is about WordPress, then use the keyword WordPress. Don't use WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress.

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Influence With Influencers

First let's define a social media influencer. This is a creator (person or a group) who has a large following audience built on trust. The audience trusts the creator past a certain degree such that they consider the creator's input when making decisions, aka the creator influences the audience.

It is important to keep this definition in mind when selecting an influencer. A high number of followers does not always translate into quality influence so you don't have to go with influencers with million of followers. You could easily opt for an influencer with a smaller amount of followers but a higher influence rate. This can lead to better results.

Result is also the keyword here. Depending on your desired result, you may choose a different influencer. For a more broad brand awareness marketing, perhaps an influencer with high following numbers might be best. However if you want more direct conversions, then a smaller, more niche influencer will be better.

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